2600: The Hacker Digest - Volume 32

2600: The Hacker Digest - Volume 32

Language: English

Pages: 576


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Volume 32 of The Hacker Digest consists of articles published in 2600 Magazine from 2015 to 2016 on nearly 100 subjects of interest to hackers and those who want to understand what hacking is all about. In addition, all of the popular payphone photos, back cover photos, and expanded front cover artwork are included in this volume. There are also Hacker Perspective columns - from both well-known hackers as well as some new voices - describing their experiences, thoughts, and philosophies on the subject of hackers and their place in society.

This edition continues the Telecom Informer column focusing on issues of telephony worldwide and also the EFFecting Digital Freedom column frommembers of the Electronic Frontier Foundation, providing an insider look on the many fronts where the battle for digital liberty is being staged.

Finally, the book is rounded out with one of the most popular features: the letters to the editor (over 200 in this edition), often with biting retorts from the 2600 staff.

The Women of Warner Brothers: The Lives and Careers of 15 Leading Ladies, with Filmographies for Each

The Secrets of the FBI

Designing Sound

Take Control of Your Online Privacy











“The 2600 Information Bureau” remained throughout the year, but began to shrink a bit as more features were added, including the staffbox and an occasional cartoon. Despite that, a ton of numbers, code, lists of network addresses, etc. were shared with the world. In March and April, the column was bumped for additional article space and the brief “This Month at 2600 ” column. ADS Our foray into advertising continued in 1986 with occasional small ads appearing on the back page. We’ve

Sector is still 2013664431. In the interim and as a supplement, 2600 will operate a limited access subscriber bulletin board from our New York office. All subscribers are welcome to call and participate in discussions with other readers on topics such as this. There will also be a facility for uploading articles to us, using XMODEM or ASCII transfer methods. This board will be run on an experimental basis and only between the hours of midnight and noon on Saturday and Sunday mornings (also known

and Monti Rieman. The magazine was “published monthly by Teletronics Company of America.” Their offices were at 22035 Burbank Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91364. Now, for starters, the format of TEL in many ways looks exactly like the introductory pamphlet that Computel sends out. This, and the fact that Computel is run by two names, John Reynolds and Jack Kranyak, leads us to believe that there is a very definite connection. The address that Computel gives in their ads is: Computel Publishing

it through, then take the top off, and connect it. Attach the 2 o’clock screw to the green wire on the silver box. Simply cut the green wire from the box and connect them together. Okay, now this is the part that makes them work. Take the silver box, which should be hanging loose (make sure the wires attached already won’t come loose), and fasten your ten wires to the screws on the phone. Starting at the top left of the silver box, hook the wires up in a counter-clockwise fashion, starting with

maintenance of the phones. Meanwhile, Michigan Bell Telephone Company of Detroit has added to its list of service features. Recently, the Michigan Public Service Commission authorized the phone company to start its “charge-a-call plus” service. This allows users of Michigan Bell’s coinless pay phones to charge calls to selected commercial credit cards. Nickname Listings In Small Town United Press International In Breaux Bridge, Louisiana, you can give “Coon” Latiolais a call. Get “Patat”

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