30 Free E-Commerce Tools: No Cost Software Tools to Build Your E-Commerce Empire without Going Broke

30 Free E-Commerce Tools: No Cost Software Tools to Build Your E-Commerce Empire without Going Broke

Rob Mabry

Language: English

Pages: 58

ISBN: B008Y89NG2

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Starting an e-commerce business can be done successfully with a very small investment, but unexpected costs can blow the budget if you're not careful.

Fortunately, there is a free tool for just about every job an e-commerce store owner must perform from keyword research and competitive analysis to graphics design and email marketing.

In this concise guide, the author of "E-Commerce Blueprint: The Step-by-Step Guide to Online Store Success" exposes 30 FREE software tools you can add to your e-commerce arsenal to dominate the competition.

Learn how to get:

- A powerful free graphics design package on par with Adobe Photoshop
- Where to create unlimited, free professional logos
- 7 free keyword research tools
- free competitive analysis tools
- free and powerful social media management tools
- free stock photography for commercial use
- free infographics
- free audio and video editing tools
- free analytics tools
- free email marketing tools
- free chat software

For less than the cost of a burger, you'll discover amazing free alternatives to expensive software and subscriptions that can cost you hundreds. The smart e-commerce store owner needs to operate with low overhead. This book is "the research" done for you. It covers nearly every type of tool an e-commerce store owner needs and more. Don't waste time surfing for the right tool for the job. Let me tell you what you need and exactly how to get it.

These 30 Free E-Commerce Tools are just the ticket to minimize your costs as your grow your online business.

The secrets in this book are not just for e-commerce entrepreneurs. If you have a blog, do affiliate marketing or generate revenue online in any way, you're sure to benefit from the information contained in this book.

So grab your copy off "No Cost Software Tools to Build Your E-Commerce Empire without Going Broke" and get start trimming your e-commerce business budget today.

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Technology field, so computers were second nature to me. However, the world of shopping carts, merchant accounts, SEO, SEM, PPC and all the other acronyms were a complete mystery. It was difficult to know what to do first and what tool was right for the job. As I started my online retail experience on a shoestring budget, I was constantly looking for “cheap” (Cough! Free! Cough!) solutions for all of my website design and marketing needs. Fortunately, there are a lot of really smart people

Stock.xnchg is the most comprehensive free stock photography site on the internet. With nearly 400,000 images available, its the first place I go to find images for my blog or websites. Free Range Stock Free Range Stock is a smaller site that offers free stock photography for commercial use. There are thousands of images available and all are licensed for commercial use. Where to find it: For stock.xnchng go to http://sxc.hu and for Free Range Stock Photo go to

useless to try and predict the whims of Google, the Search Engine giant does provide us with some nifty tools to help us determine which niche might bring us that elusive pot of gold. Free Keyword Tool The old faithful of keyword research provides insight into the volume of searches in Google for various related keyword phrases is Google AdWords. Just enter a keyword phrase you think might be a worthwhile niche and Google provides the monthly search volume for that phrase and 99 other

the slides you create in PowerPoint, Prezi has an art board. To create your videos you create paths that zoom and pan between different frames of text and images. The results are far more visual than PowerPoint and Prezi’s intuitive interface is a snap. Where to find it: http://www.prezi.com Free Audio Recording and Mixing Software Audacity is the most popular free audio editing tool in the world. It can do just about anything related to audio and it’s not too difficult to use for basic

consider reading my other book, E-Commerce Blueprint: The Step-by-Step Guide to Online Store Success. It’s a comprehensive 175-page guide that takes you through every aspect of building your e-commerce empire:  Finding a niche  Getting legal  Building your store or hiring a designer  Making your mark with social media  Exceptional niche research  Keyword research  Competitive analysis  On and off-page SEO  Product sourcing with dropshipping or wholesalers  How to choose a

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