42: The Jackie Robinson Story: The Official Movie Novel

42: The Jackie Robinson Story: The Official Movie Novel

Aaron Rosenberg, Brian Helgeland

Language: English

Pages: 68

ISBN: 2:00250763

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub


A movie tie-in novel about Jackie Robinson's life story. This ebook is a novelization of Brian Helgeland's screenplay.

A novel based on the movie 42—a biopic about Jackie Robinson's history-making signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers as the first African American Major League Baseball player.

Includes a full-color insert of photos from the movie.

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stood, and stepped forward, accepting the podium from Miller. Looking out at the crowd, he saw thirty or so men gathered before him, all of them important figures in the local black community. These were the people he’d come here to see. These were the people he had to reach tonight. “Good evening,” he began. “I have something very important to talk with you about tonight. Something that will require courage from all of us.” He paused for a second. “I have a ballplayer on my Montreal farm team

me. I cannot possibly hurt you.” The players looked at one another, Jackie right along with the rest. What kind of a speech was that? Was that just the way Shotton talked? He was certainly calm and laid-back, not like Durocher with his temper. But was this a good thing or a bad thing? As Shotton turned to go, he spotted Jackie, who was right in his path. “Are you Robinson?” he asked as he approached. Jackie nodded. “I thought so.” Shotton patted him on the shoulder, then continued on his way.

didn’t think a black man should be playing in the big leagues. Rickey didn’t want Jackie to fight his critics. He wanted Jackie to prove them wrong by playing good ball. Rickey and Rachel both believed in Jackie. Soon critics like Ben Chapman were forced to acknowledge his talent, too. And eventually many of Jackie’s fellow Dodgers came to appreciate him as a player, a teammate, and a friend. When Jackie Robinson participated in his first game as a Brooklyn Dodger on April 15, 1947, he

slightly. A few minutes later, he was escorting her onto the plane, the shoe box in hand. “I couldn’t tell her no,” he protested weakly. Rachel sighed. “I know she means well. I just don’t want to be seen eating chicken out of a box like some country bumpkin.” Jackie smiled and ran a hand over her fancy new coat. “No one’s going to mistake you for a bumpkin in this.” Rachel nodded proudly. “Well, they’ll know I belong on that plane or wherever I happen to be.” Their argument forgotten, they

outstretched, and snagged the ball before it could hit the ground. Then he spun around and dropped to one knee, firing the ball back to first before the runner who’d just left there could make it back safely. It was a beautiful play. “That was superhuman,” Rickey whispered, awed. Next to him, Hopper chuckled. “Superhuman? Don’t get carried away, Mr. Rickey. That’s still a nigger out there.” The offhanded comment, and the casual, everyday tone of it, stunned Rickey more than the play had, and

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