A Choice Not an Echo: Updated and Expanded 50th Anniversary Edition

A Choice Not an Echo: Updated and Expanded 50th Anniversary Edition

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 162157315X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Over 3 Million Copies Sold!

Celebrate 50 years since the release of Phyllis Schlafly's monumental A Choice Not an Echo, the book that launched the conservative resurgence of the late 20th century. This special updated and expanded edition contains 50 percent new material placing the book in its historical context and applying the book's lessons to the issues of today.

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never won an election, advised the GOP that it could win only if it appealed to the “Authentic American Center.” When he proceeded to define where this is, the only recent prominent figure he could think of who occupied the “Center” was President Kennedy who, like President Johnson, was recorded as voting conservative on only 10 percent of his Senate votes. Behind the scenes, the kingmakers prepared the publicity buildup of several candidates to replace Barry Goldwater. How can the average

sensation-seeking columnists and commentators, because, my friends, these are people who couldn’t care less about the good of our party. Republicans will be foolishly naive if they think the defeated kingmakers will now give Goldwater the same party loyalty that conservatives have given them for the past twenty-eight years. While some may give lip service to Goldwater’s campaign, realism requires us to anticipate that the kingmakers will use their immense financial and propaganda apparatus in

Samuel R. (Sandy), 220–21, 226 Berkeley, California, xvii Berlin Wall, 95 Between Two Ages, 165 Biden, Joe, 253 big banks, xix Big Mo, 169, 171 Bilderberg Meetings, 124–25, 221, 226, 236 Black, Eugene R., 121, 140 Blumenthal, Michael, 166 Boehner, John, xviii Boeing, 220 Borden, William L., 15 Bork, Robert, 227 Boy Scouts of America, 224 Brademas, John, 177 Brandenburg Gate, 182 Brer Rabbit, 28 Brinkley, David, 164, 247 Brink’s robbery (1950), 1 Brock, Bill, 219 Brokaw, Tom,

M MacArthur, Douglas, 63, 69, 96 Madame Nhu, 19 Madison, James, 154, 156 Manhattan Project, 235 Mann Act, 20 Marcantonio, Vito, 63 Marcus, Stanley, 140 Marshall, George, 24, 50–51 Marshall Plan, 55, 81 Martin, Paul, 240 Marxism, 33 Massachusetts, 80–81, 143, 149, 175, 187, 250, 254 Mathias, Charles, Jr., 155 Matsu, 94 Matthews, Chris, 217 Mayflower Hotel, 154 McCabe, Thomas B., 106–7 McCain, John, 222–24, 250–52, 255 McCarthy, Joseph, 74, 86 McCone, John A., 140 McCrary,

Tex, 63 McElroy, Neil, 106 McFarlane, Robert, 219 McGill, Ralph E., 122–23 McGovern Committee, 148 McGovern, George, 148, 150, 188 McLeod, Scott, 13 McMansions, xix McNamara, Robert Strange, 127–28, 155–56 Medicare prescription drug bill, 228 Meet the Press, 203, 236 Meetup, xiv Mein Kampf, 9 Mercuries, 69 Merry, Robert W., 239 Miami Beach, 142, 147, 149 Middle East, 238, 242, 251 Miers, Harriet, 230, 242 Miller, J. Irwin, 140 Milliken, Helen, 175 Milliken, William, 149

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