A Mother's Spirit

A Mother's Spirit

Anne Bennett

Language: English

Pages: 296

ISBN: 0007226063

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From rural rags to brief riches and back to ruin, this is a moving saga of hard work, bad luck and finally hope for a family's future.

Gloria Sullivan can't quite believe where she has ended up.

Growing up with no money worries, she fell head over heels in love with the handsome, hardworking Irishman employed by her father. They were the golden couple - until the Wall Street crash, when everything was lost. Finally she agreed to start again in London with husband Joe and their small son.

World War Two was raging, and Joe laboured on the docks by day and fighting fires by night. He was a hero - but one dreadful fire left him terribly injured. Once more Gloria resolved to leave everything behind and to take Joe home to his family farm in Ireland, his only hope of recovery.

Gloria now dutifully nurses her husband, but she can't settle in the countryside. Then a nearby American base begins recruiting civilians. Gloria tells everyone it's her chance to do her bit - but will she be tempted to do much more?

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sated. Philip watched her with a smile playing around his mouth that lit up his eyes. ‘You are truly and utterly beautiful, and I love you so much,’ he said. ‘Oh, Philip …’ ‘Get dressed, my darling,’ Philip said. ‘There is much to talk about.’ ‘Yes,’ Gloria said, beginning to get into her clothes. ‘I am joined to you now. Whatever the obstacles, they can be overcome, because without you I don’t exist.’ ‘Think carefully about what you are saying,’ Philip said. ‘I don’t want to force you into

say goodbye, that’s all.’ ‘Is she dying?’ Ben asked. ‘Dad said she was.’ ‘Yes, she’s dying, Ben.’ ‘I’m glad.’ ‘Ben …’ ‘I don’t care, Mom,’ Ben said. ‘I don’t even care if that makes me wicked. She was wicked too, and horried. She shouted at people all the time, especially Uncle Tom, so why shouldn’t I be glad that she’s dying?’ Gloria didn’t have an answer, and as they went through to the bedroom Joe told her to leave Ben alone. ‘Many people will feel the same as he does, but while an adult

paralysed with shock and fear, and unable to take joy in any of it. He, on the other hand, intended to make the most of every minute because he knew it would be nothing more than a glimpse into how the toffs lived, and that when this bizarre day was at an end, his life would return to normal. The doctor stayed about half an hour and by that time Joe’s stomach had begun to grumble. ‘The news is good,’ Brian said as he re-entered the room. ‘The doctor said there were no bones broken. Of course

world is still at war and though the bombing raids have eased considerably, they have left devastation in their wake. I would like to bet that more than a few people in many cities in England are living in some form of temporary accommodation, and if we left here I would have to find somewhere to live as well as a job. Added to that, Ben definitely doesn’t want to go. He was badly frightened in London, and the peace and tranquillity of this place is what he needs right now. Gloria sees that too.’

that. He wished me Godspeed. His heart must have been heavy, for the workload would have increased and the only companionship he got was from an evil-tempered, malicious old woman.’ ‘I know all this.’ ‘You know nothing,’ Joe said firmly. ‘You put up with my mother for months, whereas Tom put up with her all his bloody life until, thank God, she died and released him. Yet never in all the letters Tom sent me was there any hint of resentment and all he felt was happiness for me as my fortunes

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