A Practical Guide to SysML: The Systems Modeling Language

A Practical Guide to SysML: The Systems Modeling Language

Sanford Friedenthal, Alan Moore

Language: English

Pages: 576

ISBN: 0123743796

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Systems engineers must understand how all the parts of a digital system work together, including hardware AND software. SysML is the first design language to cover both hardware and software, allowing engineers to consider how all the parts of a system will successfully interact, from the very beginning of a project. This can prevent huge problems and delays down the line. Therefore, SysML use is becoming a widespread phenomenon, and many companies, especially in the defense, automotive, aerospace, medical device and telecommunications industries, are already using SysML, or are planning to switch over in the near future.

Until now, little consolidated information has been available on the market regarding SysML. However, this book changes all that! It provides the hundreds of thousands of new users with a comprehensive guide to SysML, including a full description of the language itself, detailed instructions on how to implement it, exercises to help readers gain practical experience working with SysML, and extensive, real-world examples of actual successful projects, demonstrating all the benefits SysML can provide.

*The authoritative guide for understanding and applying SysML
*Authored by the foremost experts on the language
*Language description, examples, and quick reference guide included

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event corresponding to the receipt of this signal by the receiving block can trigger a state transition in its state machine. Similarly, a state machine in one block may call an operation on another block that canses an event that triggers a transition. The rest of the chapter covers more advanced state machine concepts. Section 10.6 deals with state hierarchies that occur when a state contains its own regions. A state with just one region is the most common case and is called a composite state.

metaclass has a description and a set of properties that characterize the concept it represents, and also a set of constraints that impose rules on those properties' values. The package diagram in Figure 14.3 shows a small fragment of UML4SysMLthe metamodel on which SysML is based. It shows one of the fundamental concepts of UML, called Class, and some of its most important relationships. Class specializes Classifier through which it gains the capability of forming classification hierarchies. The

(i.e., swimlanes), In Figure 15.16, the iuitial allocation of actions is specified by the use of partitions to represent the parts condenser: Heat Exchanger, evaporator.' Boiler, and drain.' Valve. The use of the keyword 371 act [Activity] Distill Water [3. parallel] I • ,J; I I I I I I I I I ' I I I il I I I I pure: .. 1-l0f'\ I I I ) \. ) !recovered: i i i ! Heat pure: H20 I I I I I I I I cord dirty: \. H20 ) dirty : hot H20 i , discharge: Residue ""ALClllal. I

concepts come to light when using an expressive language, and as such, this book can be used to help teach systems engineering concepts. A first-time reader should pay close attention to the introductory chapters, may choose to do a cursory reading of Part II, and then review the simplified distiller example in Part III. A more advanced reader may choose to read the introductory chapters, do a more comprehensive review of Part II, and then review the residential security example in Part Ill. Part

Section 8.12.1 for a discussion of primitive actions.) Convert Baal to Control is a generally useful control operator that can be reused in many situations. A control operator is a kind of behavior and so may be invoked using a normal call behavior action. A call behavior action that invokes a control operator has act [controIOperator] Convert 8001 to Control j [bool int ( «value'Speclflcatlon»\ 'l enable I Ibool in : Boolean [else] _(<

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