Absolute Risk

Absolute Risk

Steven Gore

Language: English

Pages: 432

ISBN: 0061782203

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Absolute Risk is the work of a talented writer who knows how to hook his readers from the opening line.”
—Richard North Patterson, New York Times bestselling author of Silent Witness


A new star in the thriller firmament, Steven Gore brings back investigator Graham Gage for a second assignment (after Final Target)—as Gage and his wife are caught up in the lethal machinations of a worldwide financial plot rooted in China. Absolute Risk, like its acclaimed predecessor, is an international thriller for grown-ups: riveting, surprising, intelligent, and frighteningly believable.

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together under the table. Thank God for tear gas. CHAPTER 10 How does your wife feel about the work you do? “ Elaine asked Gage. She stood with her back to the fireplace in the den, warming her hands. Observing her from the couch, Gage wondered whether the chill she was fighting was internal or external. “Those news articles made it seem like you never sleep in your own bed.” Gage glanced at his watch. It was mid-morning in Asia. She caught the motion, and asked with an edge in her

“Why the devil not?” “Because what Tiananmen Square was to political protest, Chengdu will be to economic protest, except worse. The turmoil in the city is starting to spread to other towns and villages in the earthquake zone.” “What about the army?” “It looks like they learned their lesson in 1989 and are staying out of it—for now.” Nichols found himself once again looking for a way to dissuade Wallace from a course that would make a fool either out of himself or out of the president. “It

order to define beauty—not the operation of the market—but you wouldn’t know that. Would you? Of course not.” Harris’s fists clenched by his sides. “You have no scientific basis for anything you believe. You’ve simply absorbed the ideas you’ve lived your life by in the same way a paper towel absorbs a spill.” Minsky watched Harris’s fists twitch. He waited for Harris to pull one back, but realized that he’d never swing, for Harris wouldn’t want to be remembered in history for a misdemeanor

Cat’s arm. And like a lever, it moved his feet and walked him forward until he reached the chair and sat down. Old Cat’s body felt like it was floating on the soft leather. He pulled his hands off the armrests for fear of soiling them or scratching them with his calluses. Imprints of palm sweat gleamed under the fluorescent light. He felt his face flush as he wiped them off with his sleeves. The plane shuddered as a jet fighter powered up off the runway next to them, then stilled as the engine

Old Cat spread his arms. “That’s what we do here. Copy. No people are better at it. We …” Old Cat’s voice trailed away, and in that silence Faith recognized that neither he nor she knew who that “we” was who would take charge and remake the world. “What about you?” Faith asked. “What will happen to you?” Old Cat shrugged. “The army has seen to that, too.” Faith reached for his arm. “Then come with us.” “And leave others to be sacrificed in my place?” “If the army has planned this as well as

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