Aerea in the Forests of Manhattan

Aerea in the Forests of Manhattan

Emmanuel Hocquard

Language: English

Pages: 119

ISBN: 0910395896

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

At forty, Adam, an intellectual and writer "who comes from the other side of the ocean," and who is steeped in the belief that he is the last of his line, finds himself--dreams himself--in America. The promised land's gift to him is Aerea, youthful, radiant, an enchantress, essentially unattainable: their adventure is short-lived. Words, she tells Adam, are the obstacle that stands in the way. And scarcely has Aerea appeared in his life than she has walked out of it.

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end my evening race and remain motionless for a long time, supremely alone, standing at the edge of the grass listening to the blood beat under my skin. Lying on her back in the grass in Central Park, her eyes half closed and her mouth open, Aerea slowly caught her breath. While I looked at her, I wondered if, when he left the stadium after his daily race, as the darkness invaded it, the child I was then had any inkling that he would later become a good lover because his heart beat so slowly. At

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the houses decorated with cardboard skeletons were open to the spirits of the dead and to the masquerade of the living. "Sokrat, my friend, even given your morbid penchant for sunsets, this winding river, this green river with its pink reflections right here under your windows, is an alarming spectacle that will end up corrupting your taste for good." "My dear man," answered my Turkish friend, sighing, "this river is in every way wonderful and your morose spirit will not succeed in diminishing

statue of ice!" Without letting go of my hand, Jessica ran as fast as she could in her delicate shoes, in the snow that was swirling in front of her face. We ran without stopping as far as the transformer. When we stopped, all out of breath, we realized that our pursuers had given up the chase. First we saw our soft footprints intermingled in the fresh snow; then farther, very far away by the side of the white road, David's form bending over Sokrat, whom he was helping to stand up. We watched

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