Agent X

Agent X

Noah Boyd

Language: English

Pages: 400

ISBN: 0061826987

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Ex-FBI agent Steve Vail navigates a maze of hidden codes and brain-teasing puzzles to stay hot on the trail of a band of Russian spies in this breathtaking follow-up to his New York Times bestselling debut, The Bricklayer.

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the house the two men’s focus shifted back to Bursaw and Kate, trying to reestablish them as targets. Suddenly Zogas noticed the doorknob turning. He snapped his fingers to get Karl’s attention, pointing at the door. Karl nodded and backed up a few steps from the window and toward the door to establish a better angle to shoot through it. Then he opened fire, expending the entire clip into the door. Zogas had taken the rifle off the window rest and stepped back himself, ready to fire. A

give. “He’s blocked it with something.” With measured force, he bounced his shoulder against it, testing its resistance. “There’s some give.” He stood back and kicked it hard, but it held. He took two more steps back and leaped forward, landing his foot where he thought the device was holding it closed. He did it again, and still the door remained blocked. Kate said, “Do you smell smoke?” Vail turned toward the stairs and inhaled. He holstered his gun and grabbed Kate’s hand. “Let’s get

Sounds like somebody needs to learn how to say no.” He gave her a sarcastic grin. “Should I decide to get some instruction, I know an expert who delivers the word with extreme malice.” “I’m willing to bet you know several.” Carefully, she pulled out the sheets of paper, which now had a purple cast to them. He took the fingerprint loupe and said, “On the code page, there are three prints on each line and three lines, nine impressions. So we’re going to get nine numbers out of this.

mole, if there is one? There’s got to be more to this.” “Then it has to be the dates.” She looked at the page. “December twenty-seventh and January sixth.” “Maybe, but what do they mean?” “One date has passed, and the other’s coming up in two days.” Thinking about what she’d said, Vail walked over to the wall covered with the maps and reports documenting Calculus’s travels. “Can you get into the spy satellite again?” Kate started tapping the keys and after a minute said,

Director Langston.” He listened for a moment and then hung up. “Dellasanti has just left his home. It looks like he’s heading to work.” “Is the drop on his way?” Kate asked. “No. Not in the direction he’s heading. We’ve got time.” Vail stood up. After his call to Kate in the middle of the night and her efforts to get him cleared of the Petriv shooting, he felt that maybe he had judged her too quickly after he was excluded from the Petriv case. There was one way to find out where she

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