Aim High

Aim High

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Pages: 76


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Aim High is an inspirational book written by the UK’s leading wheelchair athlete. Tanni Grey-Thompson has won 16 medals, eleven of which are gold, countless European titles, six London Marathons and over 30 world records have catapulted this Welsh wheelchair athlete so firmly into the public consciousness.

Aim High reveals what has motivated her through her best and worst times.

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to me. What I did every single day in training would impact on what I could achieve. Unless I trained hard, unless I tried to live as an athlete, I wouldn’t get into a position to be selected. But, of course, you need to know what to train at. And the hard part of planning is learning what is best to do, and acting on it, so you can make your dream happen. Sometimes, if an athlete has a poor race, it is possible to blame other people. You say ‘she blocked me in’, ‘she pushed me out’, ‘those two

that I coach to reach their maximum potential (whether this is representing their country, or winning medals, or just them being the best they can), then I will be happy. I have one thing when coaching that I hold dear. I coach athletes whom I like as people. To really want to help them, to sometimes have to be really tough on them, to pick them up when they are down, it is important for me to have that basic level of trust and respect for them as individuals. I hope that I will never coach an

this picture is really important to me is that it shows that no one ever told me that I shouldn’t skip, and no one ever told me that I shouldn’t try. It confirms that, as I was growing up, my parents never told me there were things I couldn’t do solely because I was a wheelchair user. There were plenty of times that I was told off for doing something (possibly naughty), but I was never told off simply for trying. If my parents had been different, if they had had low expectations for me, I could

a sense of what I was trying to achieve, I realised that it was the best motto that I could possibly have. I write ‘Aim high, even if you hit a cabbage’ in the front of every one of my training diaries. It is the first page that I see when I open it, and it is there to inspire me in everything I do. I no longer need to write it down anywhere else, because it is with me all the time, but every time I write it in a new book it re-affirms what I think about the way I train. In fact, the way that I

than me in the race. You can analyse things too much, and sometimes there is no answer. But training during the next two days was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I needed to get some confidence back, and I needed to do everything I could to go out and win, to prove to myself that it wasn’t a Paralympics too far, and that I wasn’t past my best. I had had a good season. I had won a lot of races, and I knew that my form couldn’t possibly have completely deserted me overnight. I had the

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