Albrecht Durer: A Guide to Research (Artist Resource Manuals)

Albrecht Durer: A Guide to Research (Artist Resource Manuals)

Jane Campbell Hutchison

Language: English

Pages: 329


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Hutchison's book is a complete guide on Durer and the research on his work, his historical import and his aesthetic legacy.

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ALBRECHT DÜRER ARTIST RESOURCE MANUALS VOLUME 3 GARLAND REFERENCE LIBRARY OF THE HUMANITIES VOLUME 2177 ALBRECHT DÜRER A GUIDE TO RESEARCH JANE CAMPBELL HUTCHISON GARLAND PUBLISHING, INC. A MEMBER OF THE TAYLOR & FRANCIS GROUP NEW YORK & LONDON 2000 Published in 2000 by Garland Publishing, Inc. A member of the Taylor & Francis Group 29 West 35th Street New York, NY 10001 This edition published in the Taylor & Francis e-Library, 2005. “To purchase your own copy of this or any of Taylor &

by Per A.E.Popham, 43–53. Igino Consigli and Adrianna Consigli. Parma: Consigli Arte, 1981. ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY 51 In this article for the Popham Festschrift, the author argues that Actaeon’s hounds in Parmigianino’s fresco cycle at Fontanellato are based on those in Dürer’s St. Eustace engraving. He concludes that, because of the importance of the dogs in these frescoes, Parmigianino used Ovid’s account of the story of Actaeon and Diana (Metamorphoses), where there is a similar emphasis

(portrait now lost, but preliminary drawings on green paper survive: British Museum, W.912). Niklas Kratzer’s correspondence with ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY 145 the artist began shortly after the ambassador’s return home. (Kratzer had met Dürer in Antwerp, but was now asking the price of a full set of prints—October 1524.) Levey also deals with criticisms by the future Archbishop of York, Dr. Edward Lear; John Donne (Satyricon); Richard Burton (Anatomy of Melancholy); Peacham’s Compleat Gentleman

would “retain the pleasure of learning,” placing them in “pleasant and quiet living quarters,” and providing for medical help and musical antidotes to melancholy as needed.51 His concern for the welfare of young artists bore fruit when, as part of the celebration of the three hundredth anniversary of his death (1828), the first museum devoted entirely to modern art was founded in Nuremberg, and has occasioned the exhibition of works by living artists created in his honor as a regular feature of

as the “Green Passion” (Winkler nos. 298–314), so called because they are drawn on green primed paper (pen and brush heightened with white; Vienna, Albertina). 512. Meder, Josef. Dürer-Katalog. Ein Handbuch über Albrecht Dürers Stiche, Radierungen, Holzschnitte, deren Zustände, Ausgaben und Wasserzeichen, New York: Da Capo Press, 1971. Although there are many catalogues of Dürer’s prints, when the value of a particular impression is to be calculated, there is no substitute for Joseph Meder’s

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