All Dressed Up

All Dressed Up

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Unpredictable travel and runaway dresses create a race against the clock. Will Molly find love at the finish line? Molly Wright is in Paris, in a romantic restaurant, with the moonlight dancing over La Seine, sitting her long term boyfriend Reggie...hoping he doesn't propose! She's not sure they want the same things anymore - he wants the big time, all she wants to do is design clothes. Molly gets her wish: Reggie doesn't propose. Instead, he breaks up with her! Her broken hearted thoughts are interrupted by a frantic message from her sister who needs a teeny tiny favour: she's getting married in Venice in two days and she wants Molly to pick up the all-important dress from the Parisian designer. But the dress seems determined to get away from her, and transportation keeps letting her down. When film-maker Simon Foss tags along for the ride Molly thinks he's another Hollywood wannabe, and just one more distraction that Molly doesn't need. Especially when she finds herself falling for him!


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the groom. I’m telling you, it’s a close-run thing, but you just about edge it—wow!” Caitlin rolled her eyes. “Thanks, I think.” Molly narrowed her eyes and climbed the remainder of the stairs. “You okay?” Caitlin nodded her head vigorously. “Wobbler?” Caitlin nodded again. Molly hugged her, being careful not to smudge her sister’s delicate make-up. “It’s natural to be nervous,” she soothed. “Be weird if you weren’t, in fact.” “I’ve got nobody to walk me down the aisle,” Caitlin said

worried. In. The. Slightest, she told herself. But she could actually feel her heart rate quicken. The hatch slammed shut. “Nooooo!” A wail had risen up from somewhere in the building before Molly realized that it was she herself who wailed it. I knew this would happen! I just knew it! These stupid airlines!” “Who can I shout at?” she yelled. “I’m telling you,” she said to no one, “somebody had better appear in the next ten seconds carrying my sister’s wedding dress on a silver tray, or I am

to get in the way, isn’t it?” Simon said gently, scratching his head as though puzzling over the conundrum. Gabriella screwed up her face as she thought hard. “Why don’t I bring it to you,” Julien said, crossing the room and laying the box on the floor at her feet. “Happy birthday, sweetheart, this is your real present from your old grandfather.” Solemnly, she lifted the lid and gasped—a gasp of pure, innocent joy when she saw the bear inside. Julien wiped away a tear as his granddaughter

to be accustomed to this sort of treatment from suave men. “And this is Simon…Foss, isn’t it?” Molly was mortified to realize she wasn’t sure of Simon’s surname. “Correct,” Simon smiled, shaking her mother’s hand. “Nice to meet you Mrs. Wright.” “Vanessa, please,” she smiled, before indicating the car. “Are you a friend of Pascal’s?” “I am now,” Simon smiled. “But no. We were sitting together on the plane and now they can’t seem to shake me off—I need to get to the Venice too.” “Is that so?”

would have already formed her own prejudices anyhow? “She told me that I reminded her of her grandfather.” “And you didn’t mind that?” Molly asked. She couldn’t tell from his face whether he did or not. “Why would I? I heard he proposed to your grandmother after walking for three days and three nights to her house.” “I heard that too,” Molly smiled. “Devotion, huh?” “I heard that he was the only person in his village with a working tractor, but rather than use it to make his fortune, he

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