Amazing Fishing Stories: Incredible Tales from Stream to Open Sea (Wiley Nautical)

Amazing Fishing Stories: Incredible Tales from Stream to Open Sea (Wiley Nautical)

Language: English

Pages: 262

ISBN: 1119970334

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From battling monsters from the deep, to the magic and mystery of fly fishing—larger-than-life fish stories that are all true

Lifelong fisherman Paul Knight knows the thrill of the chase, the one-on-one battle of endurance between man and beast that is sport fishing. Like Hemingway, and legions of others who've tested themselves against nature, author Paul Knight has traveled to remote parts of the globe to reel in stories of epic adventures with rod and line. In Amazing Fishing Stories, he takes readers on a breathtaking expedition from frozen Russian rivers to the wild jungles of India, detailing the heart-pounding capture of sailfish, tuna, and shark and thrilling struggles with monsters from the deep.

There are wonderful stories of fly fishing, as Knight describes in captivating detail the pursuit of salmon, trout, and more exotic sport from the Scottish Highlands to the Indian jungle. International in scope, and covering all types of fishing from open ocean to mountain stream, this eclectic collection of well told fishing stories has something for everyone.

  • The book is a compelling and entertaining read that covers a variety of fishing around the world
  • The author is a leading figure among UK anglers, as CEO of Salmon and Trout Association, and contributor to a wide range of angling magazines, including Gamefisher

An ideal gift for the armchair enthusiast and active fisherman, Amazing Fishing Stories is an exhilarating trek across the globe, with a skilled fisherman and masterful writer, in search of the perfect catch.

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swallowed, Colin sat in the stern seat as Captain Steve opened up the engines and headed up Big Pine Key for Bahia Honda bridge. Colin waited for his stomach to reject the concoction, together with last night’s beer, but the further they motored, the better he felt. In fact, by the time they were in the shadow of the bridge, he had to admit that he’d never felt better on a boat before. Not that that would be difficult, but his guts were quite settled now and even his head was losing its sense of

invited to go sea fishing from a boat these days, he’s very happy to accept, just so long as he takes a can of Coca-Cola and a banana with him. 32 P1: TIX/XYZ JWBK524-c06 P2: ABC JWBK524-Knight July 25, 2011 11:59 Printer: Yet to come SPINNERS, ROD TOPS AND PIKE Even a freak fishing accident didn’t divert one young angler from his determination to catch a pike to be proud of. T here was a time when 6 year olds were happy enough catching tadpoles and minnows. Bertie Alexander was

are those who say this attitude is transmitted down the line to the fish, which is the ultimate excuse for failing to attract even a sniff of a salmon. The scene was thus set at the breakfast table in the marvellous Delphi Lodge in Ireland’s County Mayo, on the edge of Connemara. George and his wife, Helen, were drinking coffee and eyeing up the branches of the pine trees being swept around in a ferocious wind, and the rain sheeting horizontally against the windows, as it had been since midnight.

fished here all my life and I’ve not lost an angler yet. I dare say I’ll not be starting with either of you two today.’ Helen winced. ‘But the wind, Peter, and the rain? Surely no selfrespecting salmon’s going to take in these conditions.’ The grin widened. ‘You’ll wait your whole life for a day like this on the salmon. Trust me. The wind’s veering into the south and that alone means it’ll be worth a cast or two. Come on now, you’re both experienced enough to fish in this, otherwise I wouldn’t

has long been a big-game fisher’s paradise, one of the great adventures for the global angler. But the world has changed from Kenya’s colonial past and conservation has a stronger pull on the modern angler. I n 1998 Peter Spillett, his partner Yvette and children Rebecca and James, had enjoyed a two-week Kenyan safari and were based near Malindi on the east African coast for a few days’ relaxation before going home to the UK. He had always been a bit ambivalent about big-game fishing: concern

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