An Evening With Grandpa

An Evening With Grandpa

Diana Matlin

Language: English

Pages: 64

ISBN: 0988785013

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

‘A delightful story and a very clever way of introducing chess to children. A SILVER MEDAL WINNER.’ The Wishing Shelf Awards When little Annie gets sick one night, she has no choice but to stay at home while her family has fun at the theater. It seems that Annie will have to spend a boring evening with Grandpa until he unexpectedly begins to tell her a fairy tale about Pawnie, a young girl who lives in the faraway Chess Kingdom. Does the inexperienced Pawnie have what it takes to succeed in this incredible adventure and make her dream of becoming a princess come true? An award-winning book, "An Evening With Grandpa", will take a young reader on a journey through the fairy tale which will blend the magic of chess with a special night for Annie and her grandfather.


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will teach them some tricks and they will surprise the other side.” “But Grandpa, girls usually don't like to fight,” interrupted Annie. “That is true,” said Grandpa, “but remember, this queen was smart and she came up with the following rule: any girl soldier who could make her way across the field and reach the castle of the other king, would become the princess of the royal family, meaning that when the time came, she would become the new queen. This was an especially clever idea because

moving diagonally!” advised the second. “Thank you very much, I'll remember that,” said Pawnie, and she headed down the corridor. “I should go get some rest,” she thought, although she was not sure if she would be able to fall asleep that night. She was walking back to the room when she heard footsteps. Startled, she turned around and saw none other than the queen herself walking behind her. “Your majesty, it's an honor to see you,” Pawnie stuttered, trembling with excitement. “Good evening,

Grandpa responded. “I remember,” replied Annie. “They're also not strong, as you know, and can't run fast in their royal costumes. He tried to run, but he was too slow and the white rook cut him off almost immediately. The king then dashed to the other staircase, but stopped in his tracks. “Checkmate!” Pawnie looked up to see her friend, the bishop, standing on a direct diagonal to the king. The black king looked around in desperation, but there was nowhere else to run. “I can’t believe it,”

of Contents 1. STUCK 2. THE KINGDOM 3. THE QUEEN’S PLAN 4. GETTING READY 5. ROYAL BATTLE 6. CHECKMATE 7. GRANDPA, COME AGAIN! DEDICATION To Anna, The Chess Princess. Copyright © 2013 Diana Matlin All rights reserved. ISBN-13: 978-0-9887850-0-7 An Evening With Grandpa Adventures in Chess Land By Diana Matlin Illustrated by S. Chatterjee

will buy you a new dress and we will have the biggest and fanciest party in the whole kingdom.” “And new shoes and diamond earrings,” added Annie. “Of course,” Grandpa agreed. “The queen was very happy and immediately started planning two things, the party and the battle. She was very excited about the party the king had promised, but she knew that she first needed to think about how to outsmart the other side. And she was indeed a smart lady. 3. THE QUEEN’S PLAN After some time alone

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