Ana Historic

Ana Historic

Daphne Marlatt

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 0887845908

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Ana Historic is the story of Mrs. Richards, a woman of no history, who appears briefly in 1873 in the civic archives of Vancouver. It is also the story of Annie, a contemporary, who becomes obsessed with the possibilities of Mrs. Richards's life. Ana Historic was Daphne Marlatt's first novel, and was originally published by Coach House Press in Canada and The Women's Press in the U.K. The French translation was published by Les Éditions du remue-ménage.

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look the men give her. so many men and so few women in that place. with the benefit of hindsight (ah history, where all the threads of the story get woven out in their various entanglements); we know that Rusty Pleece ends up dying of smallpox in the contagious hospital on Deadman’s Island. that drunk who got hauled in a wheelbarrow around Gastown saloons on Christmas Day, not merely a drunk, or not that only, dies in the hospital because he volunteers to nurse there. a sense of fraternal

judge of what was passable, erasing with cold cream and kleenex, beginning all over again.) not placable, not easily calmed or pacified (quick to be irritated at our presence, ‘stop hanging over me.’ nervous and late for a party you didn’t want to attend. ‘it’s the Office Party,’ you said, as if capital letters explained its necessity. and then, ‘I only go for your father’s sake.’ and then, furiously wiping off your face, ‘always knifing each other in the back, the hypocrites!’) im- not/ plak-

conveyed. where she cannot explain, describe. ‘ . . . this Rain that embraces everything . . . ’ i find it difficult to explain, Richard, what this scribbling means — and was there any way she could? laying down her pen and the right word dancing in front of her eyes like some wisp, some wing feather she must pluck from the air for him, for them, their eyes waiting in rows in the empty room, waiting for her to explain. ‘A one-room frame building, 18 x 40 feet, with a clapboard exterior and

traffic accident — not to mention the ongoing, the newsboy who hit the door each morning just to wake you, the milkman who refused to understand your notes, the teachers who deliberately harrassed us just to ‘take us down a peg or two.’ deliberately was your favourite word, as if the world were full of those who deliberated against you in a struggle for control, theirs over you. the torment was that these things might be avoided if you could exercise some control yourself — if only you hadn’t, or

E.R., bank manager responsible for ensuring that Vancouver was given ‘a day on the official programme’ of the Royal Tour of 1901. in actual fact, Ana Richards, precedes both and fades into the northern shoreline of Burrard Inlet as Mrs. Springer of Moodyville, of whom we hear nothing more. ‘The present is decidedly an age of civilization. One of the chief signs of progress in this respect is the possessing a local paper. Moodyville, then, can now claim to be, what it really is, a go-ahead,

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