Anarchism: Its Philosophy and Ideal. By Peter Kropotkin

Anarchism: Its Philosophy and Ideal. By Peter Kropotkin

Language: English

Pages: 32

ISBN: 1425591655

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Socialist authoritarian party included-have always stifled, wittingly or not, by party discipline. Committees, centers, ordering everything; local organs having but to obey, "so as not to put the unity of the organization in danger." A whole teaching, in a word; a whole false history, written to serve that purpose, a whole incomprehensible pseudo-science of economics, elaborated to this end. Well, then, those who will work to break up these superannuated tactics, those who will know how to rouse

the rulers of today will have left its furrow in the people's minds; because the mud from above has splashed far and wide? It is evident that so profound a revolution producing itself in people's minds cannot be confined to the domain of ideas without expanding to the sphere of action. As was so well expressed by the sympathetic young philosopher, too early snatched by death from our midst, Mark Guyau,*** in one of the most beautiful books published for thirty years, there is no abyss between

blood, of the tissues, of the nerve-centers; he recognizes the millions of white corpuscles-the phagocytes-who wend their way to the parts of the body infected by microbes in order to give battle to the invaders. More than that: in each microscopic cell he discovers today a world of autonomous organisms, each of which lives its own life, looks for well-being for itself and attains it by grouping and associating itself with others. In short, each individual is a cosmos of organs, each organ is a

the land and factories from the monopolists by force, be sure it is not for want of desire. They but wait for a favorable opportunity-a chance, such as presented itself in 1848, when they will be able to start the Get any book for free on: 11 ANARCHISM: ITS PHILOSOPHY AND IDEAL destruction of the present economic system, with the hope of being supported by an International movement. That time cannot be long in coming; for since the International was crushed by governments in

this is quite impossible, with the powerful means of production at our disposal. Get any book for free on: 13 ANARCHISM: ITS PHILOSOPHY AND IDEAL If the worker continues to be paid in wages, lie necessarily will remain the slave or the subordinate of the one to whom he is forced to sell his labor force-be the buyer a private individual or the State. In the popular mind-in that sum total of thousands of opinions crossing the human brain-it is felt that if the State were to be

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