Anne of Ingleside: Anne of Green Gables #6

Anne of Ingleside: Anne of Green Gables #6

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The Short Stories from 1907-1908

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part of the home circle, seemed suddenly invested with a soft, tender radiance. Who would have rung the Chinese gong for supper? It was his week to do it and Jem was away. If he could only find a place to cry in! But there seemed to be no place where you could indulge in tears at Lowbridge. Besides…there was Alice. Walter gulped down a whole glassful of ice-water and found that it helped. “Our cat takes fits,” Andy said suddenly, kicking him under the table. “So does ours,” said Walter. The

know Gilbert doesn’t either, though he’s too clannish to admit it.” “Will Gilbert be staying up long?” “No. He has to go back tomorrow night. He left a patient in a very critical condition.” “Oh, well, I suppose there isn’t much to keep him in Avonlea now, since his mother went last year. Old Mr. Blythe never held up his head after her death…just hadn’t anything left to live for. The Blythes were always like that…always set their affections too much on earthly things. It’s real sad to think

been happy for a whole week away from them all?” thought the chatelaine of Ingleside self-reproachfully. “How nice to have someone meet you at the end of a journey!” she cried, as she stepped off the train at Glen St. Mary into Gilbert’s waiting arms. She could never be sure Gilbert would meet her…somebody was always dying or being born…but no homecoming ever seemed just right to Anne unless he did. And he had on such a nice new light-gray suit! (How glad I am I put on this frilly eggshell

like June than October. Every member of the Ladies’ Aid who could possibly come came, looking forward pleasurably to a good dish of gossip and an Ingleside supper, besides, possibly, seeing some sweet new thing in fashions since the doctor’s wife had recently been to town. Susan, unbowed by the culinary cares that were heaped upon her, stalked about, showing the ladies to the guest-room, serene in the knowledge that not one of them possessed an apron trimmed with crochet lace five inches deep

of the Aid. Well, I shall count the spoons after supper and that you may tie to. That family were all light-fingered. Candace Crawford…she doesn’t often trouble an Aid meeting but a quilting is a good place to show off her pretty hands and her diamond ring. Emma Pollock with her petticoat showing below her dress, of course…a pretty woman but flimsy-minded like all that tribe. Tillie MacAllister, don’t you go and upset the jelly on the tablecloth like you did at Mrs. Palmer’s quilting. Martha

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