Anne of Windy Poplars (Anne Shirley Series # 4)

Anne of Windy Poplars (Anne Shirley Series # 4)

Language: English

Pages: 402


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Anne Shirley has left Redmond College behind to begin a new job and a new chapter of her life away from Green Gables. Now she faces a new challenge: the Pringles. They're known as the royal family of Summerside - and they quickly let Anne know she is not the person they had wanted as principal of Summerside High School. But as she settles into the cozy tower room at Windy Poplars, Anne finds she has great allies in the widows Aunt Kate and Aunt Chatty – and in their irrepressible housekeeper, Rebecca Dew. As Anne learns Summerside's strangest secrets, winning the support of the prickly Pringles becomes only the first of her delicious triumphs.

Five Legs (A-List)

Fences in Breathing

Cette année s'envole ma jeunesse

La vida de las mujeres














years I thought I hated you…and I think death would show it to them. I’m glad I found out in life. And I have found out there are some decent Pringles…dead ones. Last night when I went down late for a drink of water I found Aunt Kate buttermilking her face in the pantry. She asked me not to tell Chatty…she would think it so silly. I promised I wouldn’t. Elizabeth still comes for the milk, though the Woman is pretty well over her bronchitis. I wonder they let her, especially since old Mrs.

too frivolous for her age. The number of secrets I have to keep at Windy Poplars is aging me before my time. I wonder if I buttermilked my nose if it would banish those seven freckles. By the way, did it ever occur to you, sir, that I had a “lovely creamy skin”? If it did, you never told me so. And have you realized to the full that I am “comparatively beautiful”? Because I have discovered that I am. “What is it like to be beautiful, Miss Shirley?” asked Rebecca Dew gravely the other day…when I

here when I was a girl. They tell me you’re writing a book about everyone in Summerside, my dear.” “I’m not…there isn’t a word of truth…” “Oh!” Miss Minerva was plainly a little disappointed. “Well, if ever you do you are at liberty to use any of our stories you like, perhaps with the names disguised. And now what do you say to a game of parchesi?” “I’m afraid it is time I was going…” “Oh, my dear, you can’t go home tonight. It’s pouring cats and dogs…and listen to the wind. I don’t keep a

learn as soon as she had learned the language spoken in Tomorrow. “Are you feeling better, darling?” said Miss Shirley. “Have I been sick?” “You were knocked down by a team of runaway horses on the mainland road,” said Miss Shirley. “I…I wasn’t quick enough. I thought you were killed. I brought you right back here in the flat and your…this gentleman telephoned for a doctor and nurse.” “Will I die?” said little Elizabeth. “No, indeed, darling. You were only stunned and you will be all right

way. It’s been an adventure to be her friend. I hope Pierce Grayson realizes what a daughter he has…and I think he does. He sounded very grateful and repentant. “I didn’t realize she was no longer a baby,” he said, “nor how unsympathetic her environment was. Thank you a thousand times for all you have done for her.” I had our map of fairyland framed and gave it to little Elizabeth for a farewell keepsake. I’m sorry to leave Windy Poplars. Of course, I’m really a bit tired of living in a trunk,

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