Anne's House of Dreams (Anne of Green Gables, Book 5)

Anne's House of Dreams (Anne of Green Gables, Book 5)

Lucy Maud Montgomery, Kate Macdonald Butler

Language: English

Pages: 170

ISBN: 2:00259847

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Every girl dreams of her perfect wedding day...

For Anne Shirley, those dreams are about to come true as she marries her one true love, Gilbert Blythe, in the dappled sunshine of the old orchard at Green Gables. Soon the two will be moving to their own little dream house on the misty shores of Four Winds Harbor. And a new home means new neighbors—including the adventurous lighthouse keeper Captain Jim and the tragically beautiful Leslie Moore. In their first years together, Anne and Gil will experience both heartbreak and joy, and, of course, plenty of "scope for the imagination."

With Anne's beautiful gift of transforming the everyday into the extraordinary, it's easy to see why she's become a beloved classic of generations of readers around the world and a favorite of everyone from Mark Twain to Duchess Kate.

This new edition lovingly restores the original, unabridged text and includes an all-new, exclusive introduction with special memories from L.M. Montgomery's granddaughter.

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harbor and the sweep of low, purple hills beyond. The table was heaped with Mrs. Doctor’s delicacies but the pièce de resistance was undoubtedly the big platter of sea-trout. “Thought they’d be sorter tasty after traveling,” said Captain Jim. “They’re fresh as trout can be, Mistress Blythe. Two hours ago they were swimming in the Glen Pond.” “Who is attending to the light tonight, Captain Jim?” asked Doctor Dave. “Nephew Alec. He understands it as well as I do. Well, now, I’m real glad you

before she would let it go. They sent for me—I can’t talk of it.” Miss Cornelia wiped the tears from her kindly brown eyes and sewed in bitter silence for a few minutes. “Well,” she resumed, “it was all over—they buried little Kenneth in that graveyard over the harbor, and after a while Leslie went back to her school and her studies. She never mentioned Kenneth’s name—I’ve never heard it cross her lips from that day to this. I reckon that old hurt still aches and burns at times; but she was

wanted to hear some good singing. The Methodists have a good choir; and you can’t deny, Cornelia, that the singing in our church is awful since the split in the choir.” “What if the singing isn’t good? They’re doing their best, and God sees no difference between the voice of a crow and the voice of a nightingale.” “Come, come, Cornelia,” said Captain Jim mildly, “I’ve a better opinion of the Almighty’s ear for music than that.” “What caused the trouble in our choir?” asked Gilbert, who was

Leslie and Gilbert were on their way to the Four Winds Point, having plotted with Captain Jim to watch the New Year in at the light. The sun had set and in the southwestern sky hung Venus, glorious and golden, having drawn as near to her earth-sister as is possible for her. For the first time Anne and Gilbert saw the shadow cast by that brilliant star of evening, that faint, mysterious shadow, never seen save when there is white snow to reveal it, and then only with averted vision, vanishing when

sunup.” “We’ll go right away and leave you free to begin it,” said Anne. Captain Jim had been handling the book in a kind of reverent rapture. Now he closed it decidedly and laid it aside. “No, no, you’re not going away before you take a cup of tea with the old man,” he protested. “I couldn’t hear to that—could you, Matey? The life-book will keep, I reckon. I’ve waited for it this many a year. I can wait a little longer while I’m enjoying my friends.” Captain Jim moved about getting his

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