Antonin Artaud : Collected Works (Volume 1)

Antonin Artaud : Collected Works (Volume 1)

Language: English

Pages: 247

ISBN: 0714501700

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sensible beyond the forms our senses offer our reason, we would certainly be forced to revert to painting and poetry for Everyman, but by sticking closer to the demands of reason. 134 THE PAINTER WHO BEST REPRESENTS THE NATIONAL GENIUS AND THE SCULPTOR Where is the national genius to be found-is it in the initial inspiration, in the emotional curb, in the level of thought or simply sprung out of the ground, a certain lumping together of forms, tendencies and repulsions? But for those who find

Bottles strike the heads Of the aerial gathering. The Word grows out of sleep Like a flower or a glass Full of forms and fumes. The glass and belly collide Life is transparent In the crystal-clear heads. The poets' fiery aeropagitica Gathers about the green carpet. The void spins. Life crosses the mind Of the thick-haired poet. In the street only a window, Cards flap. In the window the vaginal woman Places her belly under consideration. LOVE WITHOUT A TRUCE This thirsting water triangle, This

boat. III There were three of us in monk's robes, and in the train of the monk's robes, MaxJacob showed up in a short coat. He wanted to reconcile me to life, either to life or himself, and before me I felt the dead weight of his reasoning. We had previously been running a few women to earth. We possessed them on tables, over chairs, on the stairs, and my sister was one of them. The walls were black, the doors stood out clearly and allowed vaulted lighting to shine through. The entire setting

the Human Mind no longer suffers. Make us a Mind without Habits, a spirit truly frozen in the Mind, or a Mind with the purest habits, your habits, if these are right for freedom. We are surrounded by roughneck popes, scribblers, critics and dogs. Our Minds have gone to the dogs, whose thoughts are in direct contact with the earth, who think incorrigibly in the present. Teach us physical levitation of the body, 0 Lama, and how we may no longer remain earthbound. For you well know what transparent

they are sure of their aggregate. This aggregate which fills up each of the tiniest chinks in the least suspected mental processes, at whatever stage of evolution or enlightenment these processes come in the mind. It is not that, it is never that. For if we always had to think of our thoughts, we wouldn't be able to think, would we, or to devote ourselves to mental processes higher than thought proper. Not the sweat, secreted by the 186 mind, but this sweat's mechanism. I consider I have

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