Antonin Artaud : Collected Works (Volume 2)

Antonin Artaud : Collected Works (Volume 2)

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 0714501727

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La educación sentimental (Penguin Clásicos)

La obra (Penguin Clásicos)

The Intelligence of Flowers

Le Temps retrouvé

A Winter's Journal















audience came out of the Theatre de Grenelle neither laughing or crying. BENJAMIN CREMIEUX. What particularly struck me about this show was its lack of novelty. But M. Artaud's productions were what seemed to me most worthwhile. FORTUNAT STROWSKI, Member of the Institut. A rocket- lauching pad ... Second Production Le Partage de Midi by Paul Claudel (Act III) Mother by V. I. Pudovkin To Mr. Jean Prevost The Editor, Nouvelle Revue Franfaise. 3, rue de Grenelle, Paris. Dear Sir,. Who are these

appearance is the highlight of the play. This is why Ida Mortemart owed it to herself to appear as a ghost, but a ghost from certain aspects only, or rather from one cruelly real aspect and one alone. This ghost from the beyond has retained all the intelligence and superiority of the other world. We feel this in her tone of voice and the implications she attaches without respite to everything she says. Everything is a pretext for profundity, a pretext she clutches at as if at her last gasp,

as such by the actors. Three-dimensional characters seen moving among props and objects, among a completely real, also three-dimensional world. The false amid the real is the ideal definition of such a production. A meaning, a practicality of a new mental order is given to the ordinary objects and things of life. 29 69 I·I A MIME PLAY AND A STAGE SYNOPSIS I'' ·1 : i - I ) I I 'I \ , '"' I J . I • I THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE80 SET A recess cut into a great black frame. The

them. But each person seems to have his own ghost. And sometimes a character, sensing the invisible world all around him, seems set on becoming as invisible as the others, and his own ghosts come forth and appear just in time, pronouncing physical words that have a strange relevance to all the play's tangible sections. 98 Act 1 ends in sudden, concentrated terror, suggesting the drama that will reach its climax in the next Act. Act II. We are in the mysterious round drawing-room. This is the

these boards, with stage hands walking 134 about, with the players caught in the midst of their bickering? And the production heightens the play and promotes the illusion. The sky is a theatrical sky, those trees are canvas, no one is taken in, neither the rehearsing actors, nor us, nor these larvae in search of a mould. Then what is theatrical about it? THEM, they are alive, they assert they are real. They have made us believe it. But what are we? And yet these Six Characters are still

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