Anyone but Me (Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo No. 1)

Anyone but Me (Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo No. 1)

Language: English

Pages: 80

ISBN: 0448426536

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Katie Carew, nicknamed Katie Kazoo by the class bully, had no idea what would happen when she wished that she could be anyone but herself. But now her wish has come true, and-switcheroo!-she keeps turning into other people and even animals! What is one ordinary third-grade girl with a really extraordinary problem to do? It's a good thing Katie is resourceful and smart enough to find a solution for every problem . . . no matter how much of a disaster she causes!

Katie can't stand George, the class bully. He constantly picks on everyone, but he really torments Katie. One day, she can't stand it anymore, and she wishes she could be anyone but herself. What she doesn't see is the shooting star that flashes through the sky at that moment . . . catapulting Katie into a crazy series of adventures, starting the next day when she turns into the class hamster! Will she be trapped in a glass cage forever? Will she ever be a girl again?

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right, Zoe,” Mrs. Derkman said as Zoe walked up to the board. “What will you get when you subtract 152 from 901?” “The wrong answer!” George joked out loud. Some kids in the class giggled. Zoe blushed. Katie thought it was really mean of George to joke around like that. Everyone knew Zoe had a lot of trouble with math. Mrs. Derkman looked sternly over at George, but she smiled at Zoe. “Go ahead,” she said to her. “We’ll do it together.” When it was his turn, Jeremy took his time solving the

she’d let out during math. Worst of all, she thought about what George was going to do to her tomorrow. “I wish I could be anyone but me!” she shouted out loud. A shooting star shot across the dark night sky. But Katie was too upset to notice it. Chapter 4 “Rise and shine, Katie! You’re going to be late for school!” Katie’s mother called from the kitchen. Katie sat up slowly and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She squinted at the Mickey Mouse clock on her wall. Mickey’s hands were on

teased. Katie wished she could help Suzanne, but she was just a little hamster. Luckily, George had to stop when Mrs. Derkman told them all to sit back down. “I’ve got to get out of this cage,” Katie squeaked to herself. The problem was that she knew there wasn’t any way out. The only opening in the cage was at the top, and that was covered by a screened lid. The lid was Mrs. Derkman’s way of making sure Speedy didn’t escape. Now the lid was making sure Katie didn’t escape, either. There

body shook with fear. She was lost in a big pile of giant human hands. They were all grabbing for her. Katie couldn’t let the kids catch her. They’d put her back in the cage again! Katie ran toward the front of the room. It seemed more empty there. But as she reached Mrs. Derkman’s desk, she caught a whiff of human. Whoever was standing there was covered in kid smells—spilled orange juice, crumbs, and waxy crayons. Suddenly, the boy by the desk shrieked. “Get it away from me! Get this thing

and healthy. Hamsters need lots of exercise? In the wild, hamsters may travel several miles a night in search of food. Hamsters that are kept as pets need the same amount of exercise, which is why they run on their wheels. Hamsters squeak to get your attention? Hamsters usually make squeaking noises when they want more food or attention. Hamsters sometimes eat their poop? As gross as it may sound, hamsters sometimes do just that. Their digestive systems are different than ours. Some hamster

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