Anything For A Laugh, a collection of jokes and anecdotes that you, too, can tell and probably have

Anything For A Laugh, a collection of jokes and anecdotes that you, too, can tell and probably have

Language: English

Pages: 217


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Grosset & Dunlap. First Edition/ First Printing. Hardcover. 217 Pages. Here is the perfect companion volume to Bennett Cerf's bestselling laugh collections, LAUGHING STOCK and TRY AND STOP ME. This prize collection of the current crop of funny stories and anecdotes has been tailored in the inimitable Cerf style for maximum amusement and hilariously illustrated by O'Connor Barrett.

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millinery trimmings salesman in the country, but at long last his ceaseless pounding of the pavement affected his feet and it was a very worried man indeed who presented himself to a foot specialist on Park A venue. The specialist reassured him. "There is nothing intrinsically wrong with your feet, Garfinkel," he said. "I think you will be all right if you bathe them twice a day in salt water for a couple of weeks." Garfinkel promptly went to Atlantic City and secured a room at a hotel some three

that guy." ••*•« FoRTY MILES our of Chicago on the Super-Chief, l\Irs. Lapidus let out a wail. "If only we had the grand piano with us, Papa!" "On a trip like this, why do you need the grand piano?" asked Lapidus. "Because," she explained, "that is where I Jeft the tickets." ••*•• "HoRSE SENSE," Herbert Swope decided after a rocky day at the Tropical Park track, "is the thing a horse has that keeps hin1 from betting on people." ANYTHING FOR A LAUGH 167 FRrEDMAN wAS aghast when he walked

my daughter is being married in another town, and I simply muse gee. there for the wedding. Please let me stay here; I promise to be very quiet and not disturb any of the passengers." The conductor was a kindly man and agreed. But under the very next scat he found another little old gent huddled up and looking badly frightened. "And where arc yon going?" he asked. The man answered, " I'm the bridegroom." THE 26 Al':YTHING FOH. A LAUGH A LUNATIC REGlSTEitED a terrific beef with his keeper.

brother, thoroughly fed up. "I will do something with my half. I'll set it on fire ." He did. •• * «« FIVE-1''EAR-oLo MICHAEL was poring through an old copy of a book about the Christian martyrs filled with highly colored and lurid illustrations. vVhen he came to a reproduction of the famous picture of the Christians being thrown to the lions in Nero's huge amphitheatre, he burst into tears. "i\ly little 1\lichacl is so sensitive," boasted his mother to a visitor. "He is already conscious of the

cracked, so fierce it blough. This blast, so shrill it made me cougb, And on it wem with angry sough; I put my treasure in my mougb And started home across tbe slough Forgetting wbat !'d come to dougb. Bossy was standing by ber trougb; Did I mistake, or did sbe scougb? •»*«« EARLY IN NAPOLEo~'s CAREER, he tested the valor of a newly enlisted corps by asking for volunteers to attack a strongly entrenched enemy position. One timid soul was shoved forward by malicious members of his squad, and

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