Autumn Spring

Autumn Spring

Shelley Thrasher

Language: English

Pages: 264

ISBN: 1626393656

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Bree Principal and Linda Morton have sacrificed their personal lives for career and family. Now, in her late sixties, Bree is forced to return to her hometown in East Texas, where she begins to discover things about herself she has refused to acknowledge for fifty years. Do both she and Linda—who is finally out and proud—have the courage to claim the type of life they’ve never allowed themselves to embrace?

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didn’t want to believe it, and she never discussed it with her dad. And she’d almost forgotten the strange confession, but tonight she stared at the photo. His name was Patrick. And he left me you. Had her mother been telling the truth? She shook her head. She couldn’t face this right now. She was already late to Sandy’s big event, so she tossed the photo back into the old basket. She picked up the one she’d finally chosen, of her dad in his best suit, and grabbed his favorite dish, the

devoured a bowl of Cheerios topped with banana slices and blueberries, then spotted the piece of pecan pie she’d brought home. Her son and his wife had said they were on a diet, though they’d eaten a generous slice each. She tried to talk herself out of indulging in another piece for the day but didn’t have any luck. Had Bree eaten much tonight? If so, what? Something quick like the hot dog and fries she’d had at the Dairy Queen, or did she usually prepare healthy food for herself? Did she have

I’ll be there as soon as everyone gets here.” “I like the wood sculpture of the tree,” Bree said as they strolled down the corridor toward the back of the restaurant. “Yes. This place has a pleasant atmosphere. Here we are. Just through the door to the left.” Six members of the group already sat around a long table covered with a white tablecloth and dishes. “Hey, y’all. We have a visitor,” Linda announced. “This is Bree Principal—prodigal daughter. She just came to her senses after fifty

stormy mood. “When we were coming back from Tyler the other night, you promised to tell me Lou Anne and Kay’s story. Remember?” “Oh. Thanks for reminding me.” “I’m waiting.” Bree was probably still thinking about whatever Ann had done all those years ago to upset her, but maybe this story would distract her. “Lou Anne was married for almost forty years and raised four children with her husband. He was a successful educator and made a good salary.” “So?” Bree seemed determined to hang on to

loaded one as witchcraft. Carolyn, who’d come back and was standing in the doorway listening to their conversation, said, “One of the things I like best about our brand of witchcraft is visualizing both a goddess and a god.” “Why’s that? I don’t relate well to deities, regardless of their gender.” Sandy jumped into the discussion. “I have a Catholic background, so the concept of revering both a female and a male deity isn’t so foreign to me as it would be to a Protestant. It helps keep me

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