Bamboo Design Guide & 59 Case Study

Bamboo Design Guide & 59 Case Study

Eduard Broto

Language: English

Pages: 300

ISBN: 8415492812

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This volume uncovers contemporary architecture and design´s resurgent love affair with bamboo. Light, stiff, strong and incredibly fast growing, bamboo is a true super-plant, and in construction it is becoming a super-material. Used in many cultures for generations, it is enjoying a renewal of interest around the world due to its unique properties and the wide range of uses it can be put to. Collected here are some of the most beautiful, creative and cutting edge bamboo projects of recent years, illustrated with full color photographs, plans, and the architects´ explanations of their techniques and inspirations.

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whatever we tell you.’ Pepperidge waited for it to sink in. ‘That isn’t easy, but it’s got to be done. We know much, much more than you do, Dr Xingyu, about this operation.’ He leaned forward across the table, and his voice was quieter still. ‘You remember what they did to the Berlin Wall. We’re going to do something like that in China.’ I looked at Xingyu. It had got his attention. Behind him on the varnished timbers the gloss darkened as the headlights went out. ‘Don’t worry,’ Pepperidge told

don’t want a car?’ ‘No.’ We’d been over it before, in my first briefing here. In a big modern city the executive has got to have a car because it gives him transport, cover, protection, a mobile base, and a weapon, but in a place like Lhasa a car was too noticeable, and if I’d used one it would have established a dangerous travel pattern to the monastery and back. ‘Very well.’ Pepperidge leaned forward again and folded his hands on the table. ‘We’re safe for the moment in thinking that while

were found wanting, following your instructions, oh, the bastard, follow your instructions. ‘Chong, can we make any kind of detour?’ ‘Mean get past the block?’ ‘Yes.’ He began chewing faster. ‘Jeez, I dunno.’ I waited for him to run it through his head. ‘Thing is, sure, we could try, yah, but we couldn’t use our lights. They’d see us, I mean they’d see we weren’t on any kind of a regular highway. Be on a pretty rough surface west of here, but of course this baby can handle what you might call

circle right around the city of Lhasa. Chong worked on the fasteners of the third crate and swung the lid open. ‘Laer shi shenme?’ Chong pulled out a blanket, then a cushion, then another one. I got crates back there, one of them empty. He’ll be snug as a bug in there, got a blanket and some cushions, nothing too good for that guy. A lot of questions now from the sergeant, and answers from Chong. ‘Wei shenme chule zhe xie dongxi wai zhe xiangzhi shi kongde?’ ‘Ling yige xiangzhi mei kong.’

right, this is what we’ll do if I can get them to pick me up. You’ll take over the truck and keep me in sight until you see where they’re taking me. If it’s in the town or where anyone else can get hurt, report on your radio to my DIP and he’ll bring in support. If it’s anywhere remote, where you can use your bombs, do it at your own discretion.’ He thought for a moment. ‘Okay. Zero?’ Eighteen hundred hours. ‘I’ll work around that. But you’re only a backup, Chong. If I can do anything on my

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