Bang Your Head: The Real Story of the Missing Link

Bang Your Head: The Real Story of the Missing Link

Language: English

Pages: 202

ISBN: 1550227270

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Written with candor and the wisdom of experience, this account tells of struggles with substance--and with self--and of strength both in and out of the ring for the wrestler known as The Missing Link.

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The Confessions













built a shower area with a sauna bath. I put Angelo Mosca’s football picture up on the wall too — boy, was he mean-looking.When I see him now he has a nice smile on him, but not in that picture. I called the gym Dewey Robertson’s Athletic Club, and from the start it was packed every night. About  a people joined the 57 BangYourHead_FINAL 8/14/06 11:56 AM Page 58 BANG YOUR HEAD gym a year, and I think my reputation had a lot to do with it. I was well-known in the community and people

handed me one. I thought that was the end of it, but the on the next paycheck I got, there was an $ deduction — for the jacket. (By the way Bill, I still have that jacket — the zipper’s broken and there’s a hole in one of the pockets!) One thing Bill did that I don’t remember any other promoter doing was taking money in escrow for the top performers. Bill didn’t pay me exactly what I should have been paid when I was one of the top guys — he had certain friends he paid more and I still hadn’t

interviews for me too. That was OK. I had known Lou Albano in Pittsburgh when he was starting out as a “fall guy” like me, and we had gotten along well because we were both learning the business from the bottom up. Lou went on to great success tagging with Tony Altimore as The Sicilians, a terrific mobster gimmick, then became one of New York’s longest-running heel managers. Sometime in the fall of  Heenan traded The Link to Jimmy Hart, The Mouth of The South, who had come up to New York from

done so long ago in Pittsburgh. Bill had stars wrestling other stars, title changes, face and heel turns — the whole package week after week. But in spite of the quality of the wrestling shows he was putting on, Bill’s expansion plans were not working out the way he’d envisioned. Some of that was due to his personal shortcomings, and some of it was circumstances. It’s funny, a lot of people now seem to think it should have been very obvious by  that Vince was going to triumph over the smaller

for marijuana started to come back. I can’t say for certain why. Possibly once the stress of extreme poverty and homelessness had eased, other unfinished emotional business began to resurface. I may have been having trouble adjusting to being out of the spotlight after so many years in wrestling. When you’ve been a star, and living that life of constantly being on the road, it can be very difficult to ease yourself back into normal life after so many years of being worldly, even if you still have

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