Basic College Mathematics with Early Integers (2nd Edition) (Martin-Gay Developmental Math Series)

Basic College Mathematics with Early Integers (2nd Edition) (Martin-Gay Developmental Math Series)

Language: English

Pages: 792

ISBN: 032172643X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Elayn Martin-Gay firmly believes that every student can succeed, and her developmental math textbooks and video resources are motivated by this belief. Basic College Mathematics with Early Integers, Second Edition was written to help students effectively make the transition from arithmetic to algebra. The new edition offers new resources like the Student Organizer and now includes Student Resources in the back of the book to help students on their quest for success.

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includes the following resources for test prep: The new Practice Final Exam helps students prepare for an end-of-course final. Students can watch full video solutions to each exercise. The Chapter Test Prep Videos help students during their most teachable moment—when they are preparing for a test. This innovation provides stepby-step solutions for the exercises found in each Chapter Test. The videos are captioned in English and Spanish. For the Second Edition, the chapter test prep videos are also

exercises appear at the beginning of most exercise sets. These exercises quickly check a student’s understanding of new vocabulary words so that forthcoming instructions in the problem sets will be clear. The readiness exercises center on a student’s understanding of a concept that is necessary in order to continue with the exercise set. These exercises are also available for assignment in MyMathLab. • Enhanced emphasis on Study Skills helps students develop good study habits and makes it more

Value, Names for Numbers, and Reading Tables Adding Whole Numbers and Perimeter 16 Subtracting Whole Numbers 28 Rounding and Estimating 39 Multiplying Whole Numbers and Area 47 Dividing Whole Numbers 60 8 Integrated Review—Operations on Whole Numbers 73 1.8 1.9 An Introduction to Problem Solving 75 Exponents, Square Roots, and Order of Operations Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter Chapter 2 1 1 1 1 1 85 Group Activity: Modeling Subtraction of Whole Numbers Vocabulary Check 95 Highlights 95

difference between these two elevations. 134. Wednesday’s lowest temperature was -18°C. The cold weather continued and by Friday it had dropped another 9°C. What was the temperature on Friday? 135. (3 - 7)2 , (6 - 4)3 136. (4 + 6)2 , (2 - 7)2 137. 3(4 + 2) + (-6) - 32 138. 4(5 - 3) - (-2) + 33 139. 2 - 4 # 3 + 225 140. 4 - 6 # 5 + 21 141. - ƒ -14 ƒ - 6 7 + 2(-3) 142. 5(7 - 6)3 - 4(2 - 3)2 + 2 4 Copyright 2012 Pearson Education, Inc. Simplify. Step-by-step test solutions are found on

view a video clip of the author working a similar exercise. End of Chapter Opportunities. There are many opportunities at the end of each chapter to help you understand the concepts of the chapter. Vocabulary Checks contain key vocabulary terms introduced in the chapter. Chapter Highlights contain chapter summaries and examples. Chapter Reviews contain review problems. The first part is organized section by section and the second part contains a set of mixed exercises. Chapter Tests are sample

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