Being Jordan: My Autobiography

Being Jordan: My Autobiography

Katie Price

Language: English

Pages: 288

ISBN: 1844541320

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Katie has brought this paperback edition of her autobiography right up-to-date with full details of her love for Peter, their new life together, their engagement, and their impending wedding. She also reveals the projects she has been working on and what the future holds for her career. No fan will want to miss out on the next installment of Katie's life—so fasten your seatbelts for another rollercoaster ride.

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barely get a sentence out, but Warren sounded very pleasant on the phone and I soon relaxed. We arranged that I would go and watch him in his panto – Snow White – and we’d meet up afterwards. God, how many more pantos was I going to have to sit through? This had better be worth it. When the night came for our date, I drove to Hastings feeling pretty nervous. I had told Gary I was just on a girls’ night out. I didn’t feel bad about it, given the number of times I suspected he had lied to me, but

also recently bought a house in the country just outside Brighton. It was going to be home for my baby and me so I needed to oversee all the building work. I was going to live there with my son, my dog and my horses. I don’t need men, I thought. They always let me down. I really hoped that having this baby would make me stronger. I’ve always been someone who craves love from men and I have never felt happy unless I’ve been in a relationship, but I thought that, once the baby was born and I had

and my friend Clare was also round my house with her boyfriend, one of Matt’s friends. I told Matt that he should get the train back home with his mate. He replied that he didn’t want to. ‘Look,’ I said, ‘just go. I’ve had enough. We’re finished.’ He looked completely shocked. ‘We need to talk,’ he told me. ‘We don’t need to talk. You’re going. I’ve had enough, I need space, and it’s only going to wind me up you staying here.’ Rachel was trying to do my nails through all this and she

and saying he knew he was going to win, what a load of rubbish: he was just scared of being voted off. And, while everyone else moaned about the food and lost weight, I stuffed my face! In fact, I managed to put on half a stone. As for taking part in the trials, I was pleased with my performance. I’m petrified of spiders and yet I managed to endure having five of them crawling all over my face. I’ve had panic attacks in the past when swimming out of my depth, but I managed to swim in a pond full

fabric shop. We would look after the horses, go riding and generally doss around together. Sometimes we’d call on some of his mates he knew from prison, but we never saw any of my friends. My best friend Claire had met him, but just like my mum she took an instant dislike to him. So it was just me and Jeff. I was so caught up with him I couldn’t think about my dreams of becoming a model. I left school with a few GCSEs and no real idea about what I wanted to do. Nursing was the first thing that

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