Best Of Gross Jokes, Volume 1

Best Of Gross Jokes, Volume 1

Julius Alvin

Language: English

Pages: 164

ISBN: 2:00263456

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Volume 0ne of a two-volume collection of all-time favorites is a hilariously raunchy compendium that throws political correctness to the wind and points fun at everything from ethnic groups to politicians..

Review from amazon:
This book truly lives up to it's title. If you are looking for cutesy jokes, DO NOT buy this book! BUY IT if you like twisted adult, ethnic & off-the-wall jokes. Really Enjoyed It!

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ther side of h er face? They called back. How did H ele n Kelle r's pa re nts punish her? They left the plunge r in. Why was Helen Keller's leg wet? Her d og was blind, too. 102 Julius Alvin Why did Helen Keller masrurbate with o ne h and? She needed the other to moan with. - What did Helen Keller do when she fe ll down the well? Screamed h er fingers off. How come Helen Keller didn't scream when she fell off the cliff? She was wearing mittens. Why does Helen Keller wear skin-tight

deer. BEST OF GROSS JOKES: VOLUME I 121 \ Vh.a l did the mother gerbil say to her babies? .. ~Jow, d o n ' t you go hanging around an y assho lesl" Wha t's so diffe rent abo ut a Sibe rian tiger? It' s a pussy tha t eats you. Why do squirre ls swim upside d own ? To keep their nuts dry. Did you h ear abo ut th e thin guy who wen t to Alaska? H e cam e back a husky fucker. \Vh a t has four legs and one arm? A pit bull. How d o p igs h ave babies? They pork each o the r. 122 Julius

BEST OF GROSS JOKES: VOLUME I J 29 Did yo u hear about Lhe new " no fril ls" nu rsing ho mes? Instead of providing three meals a d ay, t.hey leave ou t large bowls of Ken-l.rRaLio n. How can you tell you're getting old? When you find you rself saying, "Yo u mean, it co both ointm ent and suppositor y?" How ca n you tell you're really old ? You remember when AVOS was a di et can dy. Wh y is an old man like cemen t? It takes both two days to ge t hard . How can you tell your wife is

about the religious Irish wife? She wouldn't screw during any week thal had a Sunday in iL The Italian woman ran into a friend al the marke t and said, "Did you h ear that Sophia got married?" '"No!"' the other woman excla imed. "I didn't e ven know she was pregn an L" What's the difference between a Polish girl and garbage? Garbage eve nLually gelS pic ked up. Why isn ' t there any prost.itut.ion in Poland? Polish woman can't even give it away. What did the Polack do when a bee slung him on

black woman? A black woman can' t get OJ. off. S:fl!Of SilOI~n:.rn LS:IH niL SSOll~ An o ld priest and a nun were travelin g to a re mo te desert missio n when their camel got sick and fell to the ground, dead . They walked fo r ho urs, but encountered o nly endless sand. Certain the ir fate was hopeless, the priest was overcome by a fi erce desire to exp erien ce sex o nce b efore he died . He pull ed out his dick, then turned to th e nun and asked, " Sister, d o you know wha t this is?" "

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