Billy Bunter's Bodyguard (Billy Bunter, Book 32)

Billy Bunter's Bodyguard (Billy Bunter, Book 32)

Frank Richards

Language: English

Pages: 211


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Another Billy Bunter adventure at Greyfriars school

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in the midst of an unusual spot of excitement in my old school,' he remarked, with a smile. 'Everyone seems to be talking about the bank raid this afternoon.' 'No doubt,' said Mr. Quelch, 'Inspector Grimes desired inquiries to be made among the boys, as to whether anything had been seen of a coloured man: and that has naturally spread the news over the whole school. Happily, one boy is able to furnish very valuable information.' 'Indeed!' The young man gave Mr. Quelch a very curious look.

oraveris urbes,'" he answered. 'Only eight more, and one of them a short one, too. Shan't be long now'. 'Buck up! I'll get out that bag of cherries, and we'll scoff them when the other fellows come along. They won't belong.' 'Oh, crikey!' breathed Billy Bunter. Bunter had been relieved to hear Wharton's voice announcing that he had finished. But that further remark was far from a relief for Bunter. A few minutes more and they would have been gone, and the path of escape open to the fat Owl

forgot his intention of booting him when found. It was clear that Billy Bunter was not going to be found. 'Nothing doing!' said Bob Cherry, at last. 'He isn't around anywhere, you fellows. Must have gone out.' 'Might be coming in late,' said Nugent. Harry Wharton shook his head. 'Not so late as this, if he could help it,' he said. 'If he did go out, and that man was hanging about on the look-out for him—! That's what Smithy thought he was likely to do, and it looks like it now.' 'Poor

them. How they were there, why they were there, Billy Bunter could not begin to guess. But they were there - his little round eyes, and his big round spectacles, were not deceiving him. And he yelled: 'I say, you fellows!' He saw them all start, and stare. They were near enough to hear that yell. So far as Bunter could see, they couldn't have known that he was there. But they knew it now! 'Hallo, hallo, hallo!' came back an answering roar. 'I say, you fellows! Help! I'm locked in!' yelled

topping of Smithy to chance it with Quelch, just to get a fellow out of a jam. Plucky, and all that. But you always had tons of pluck, Smithy.' 'You fat ditherer, what are you getting at ?' 'Eh! I'm only telling you how grateful I am, old chap. I hope you don't think I'm just buttering you up because I want anything.' 'Ha, ha, ha!' 'Oh, do stop cackling,' snapped Bunter. 'A fellow can't open his mouth without you fellows cackling. I'm so sorry, Smithy, that you won't be able to go to the

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