Birdie's Book (The Fairy Godmother Academy #1)

Birdie's Book (The Fairy Godmother Academy #1)

Jan Bozarth

Language: English

Pages: 224

ISBN: 037585181X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Where do fairy godmothers come from?

When Birdie goes to visit her grandmother for the first time, she learns that her grandmother is a fairy godmother—which means Birdie's a fairy godmother too! Trained by fairies in a magical land called Aventurine, human fairy godmothers have been hidden protectors of the world for centuries. Birdie' s family talisman, a singing stone, has been broken, and now only Birdie can use the stone to travel to Aventurine to repair it.

When she gets there she meets Kerka, a warrior-like girl who has been sent to help her find the other half of the stone. Will Birdie and Kerka have the knowledge and strength to banish the shadow that has come over both the garden in Aventurine and Birdie's family? One thing's for sure—no one who travels to Aventurine will ever be the same again!

For girls who are fans of Harry Potter and have outgrown the Disney Fairies series and the American Girl books, the Fairy Godmother Academy is the perfect series—fantasy books filled with magic and adventure but grounded by contemporary girls and issues.

The series boasts an amazing Web site that allows girls to enter the world they visit in the books. There they can do activities both on- and offline, vote for things they'd like to see in the books, and connect with other Fairy Godmother Academy fans.

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Aventurine’s geography can change for each dream or dreamer, so this map is not the kind of map you are used to. Zally As soon as we had read it, the spark words disbanded and fell back into the map as silently as they had come. Kerka and I carefully leaned back in to look at the map. It was clearer now. “Look!” Kerka pointed out a tiny drawing of three river maidens in a pool beside the waterfall. “That’s where we are now.” Silent sparks flew up from the map once more, and we leapt

fairies, nobody at all. I looked down, and I was wearing the clothes I’d chosen from the wardrobe again. I looked back. My fairy bedroom had been on the raised grassy circle where the queen’s table had been. I’d sat writing all night, or at least all of a fairy night. As I watched, the white curtains disappeared into the bright rays of the rising sun that shot through the willow trees. My firefly had disappeared as well. I thought for a moment. What did I have to do? I had to find Kerka. Then I

Passiflora?” I asked Mo. “Ah, yes, my passion vine,” said Mo, dropping the suitcase at the foot of the stairs. “But it’s freezing cold!” I protested, picturing those white flowers sprouting into deep purple passion fruit in a Brazilian jungle, or maybe in Califa, but certainly not in New Jersey, even indoors. “My dear, it’s never winter in the Eggplant House,” Mo said. She hung her coat up on a hook shaped like a snake and dropped her gloves on the hissing radiator painted gold. While she

pulled off her snowy boots, I set Belle down on a table whose top had sheet music glued to it. I pulled off my gloves and dropped them on the radiator, too. Then I hung my matching spring green jacket on a snake hook beside Mo’s and kicked my own boots off to join hers. Mo smiled at me as she tossed her keys into a basket next to a dusty violin bearing the inscription Aventurine. There was something familiar about that word. Was it the name of a long-lost family member my mother mentioned once?

over a cup of cocoa. As I entered the magnificent old marble-floored hallway, I passed a shelf with potted plants, terrariums, dried seedpods, and framed botanical drawings leaning against the wall. A poster hanging above said OUR GREEN EARTH. I stopped to check it out. Right below was a sign-up list for students interested in forming a green squad to help out the local environment. I picked up the pen and wrote my name first on the list. Then I noticed a gerbera daisy in a pot in the far

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