Bitch, Issue 57 (Winter 2013)

Bitch, Issue 57 (Winter 2013)

Language: English

Pages: 81

ISBN: 2:00220787

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Internet trolls, metalheads, dads gone wild! Plus: Hipster chickens!

Letter from the HQ

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Love It/Shove It

Navy Steals: The military's new interest in STEM education
Family Practice: A Q&A with Victoria Law and China Martens

The Bitch List

||| On Stereotypes—Carrying the burden of being strong

||| On the Wall—A rediscovered artist takes on gender and space

||| On the Page—Comics artist Gabrielle Bell dishes about her new graphic novel

::: Co-opting the Coop: What's the real cost of homesteading's new hipness?

::: Game Changer—Why gaming culture allows abuse...and how we can stop it

::: Home Run—How neoliberalism took over home-makeover shows

::: Half the Story—When will Western documentaries realize they're using the wrong lens?

::: The Audacity of Home—POOR Magazine's new paradigm of place

\\\ Traveling Lite—Why women's travel memoirs get sold short

\\\ Canadian Gothic—Jen and Sylvia Soska's scary-fast industry ascent

\\\ Hardcore Persona—An excerpt from What Are You Doing Here? A Black Woman's Life and Liberation in Heavy Metal
The Back Page

Adventures in Feministory Comics: Louise A. Boyd by Meags Fitzgerald

Neil Gaiman and Philosophy: Gods Gone Wild! (Popular Culture and Philosophy)

Profane Culture

Dr. Seuss and Philosophy: Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!

Futurama and Philosophy: Bite My Shiny Metal Axiom (Popular Culture and Philosophy)

Justified and Philosophy: Shoot First, Think Later

Sherlock and Transmedia Fandom: Essays on the BBC Series















Voyeurs, you’re never quite sure where Bell will take you, no matter reference for your books? where she starts out. Even when you’ve finished, re-reading can change I am not so exacting or organized as Alison. I don’t keep a journal everything about how you see her story. all the time. Sometimes my life gets so incredibly boring I am I interviewed Bell in late summer 2012 about women in the comics industry, making money, and what it means to watch. Women comics creators have been

“Wut” that showcases his skills (including a Missy Elliott reference) and sweet dance moves, and proves he’s one of the most exciting and talented artists to recently emerge in hip hop. —C.W. The address Book (siglio). In 1983, French conceptual artist Sophie Calle found a lost address book on the street in Paris. Rather than simply returning it, she embarked on an unusual project: to get to know the book’s owner as intimately as possible by meeting

a beginning, with a lot more work to be done and a lot more hell to be endured, I fear, but we are reaching a point where the classic model of unaccountability that the real/unreal dyad has produced in cyberspace is at last being robustly challenged on all fronts, in increasingly high-profile and public ways. As gaming becomes a significant part of public and artistic life, feminists, antiracists, disability advocates, and lgbtq activists have all been able to effect major changes. If I had to

examination of despair in the diasporic experience, lesbian craft artists Sheila Pepe and Allyson Mitchell’s reworked ideas of domesticity in a capitalist society, and cabaret artists Kiki and Herb’s satirical modern domestics through cabaret all speak to experiences of depression that are expected to be managed in the privacy of one’s home. At one end, Depression is a call to expand how we frame and engage with depression, and at the other it’s an internal appeal to academia to accept personal

isolation. Perceptions of black people already led to sweeping generalizations about the entire population, limiting creative and professional opportunities and hindering them from developing their individual identities. Why impose limits from within? As DuBois wrote, and Patricia Hill Collins later redefined explicitly for black women, we live with a “dual consciousness” that reconciles winter.13 | issue no.57     bitch | 73 music Talking to people for the first time about my favorite

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