Black and White and Blue: Adult Cinema From the Victorian Age to the VCR

Black and White and Blue: Adult Cinema From the Victorian Age to the VCR

Dave Thompson

Language: English

Pages: 301


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The films that society has termed pornographic movies have been with us for over a century now, since the first flickering kinetoscopes stumbled into life in 1889. Yet beyond a handful of scholarly tracts, and a few glancing references in certain Hollywood histories, there is no modern history of the subject available. Black and White and Blue fills that void. Taking as its cut-off point the late 1970s, when the advent of the home VCR irrevocably changed the face of the adult film industry, Black and White and Blue celebrates a world of anonymously masked women and curiously black-sock-clad men, whose movie immortality was attained in the time it took to exhaust a roll of film. There were no artificial breasts when the first stags were made, no tattooed and pierced members, and no concept of trick photography. We revisit a time when dingy back street cinemas aired their wares beneath a “members only” sign, and a climate in which the police waited as patiently to bust the participants as audiences queued to watch them, while “polite society” looked on in (often hypocritical) disgust, unable to believe that filth like this even existed. With exclusive interviews, descriptions of over 300 films, and a conversational style, this book will represent a complete and in-depth survey of the adult film, from shaky, flickering black-and-white silents to the first flowering of the lavish modern-day production.

The Cambridge History of Literary Criticism: The Middle Ages (Cambridge History of Literary Criticism, Volume 2)

The Makers of Scotland: Picts, Romans, Gaels and Vikings

The Brethren: Inside the Supreme Court

The Humanistic Tradition, Book 3: The European Renaissance, The Reformation, and Global Encounter (6th Edition)

Ratification: The People Debate the Constitution, 1787-1788


















the introduction of Kodak’s clockwork Cine-Kodak Model B, a five-pound device that was destined to become one of the best-selling amateur cameras of all time. They were affordable as well. Within two years of its introduction, the retail price of a Cine-Kodak had fallen from around $150 to $100. A projector cost $60 and 100 feet of Cine-Kodak film, with processing, cost $6. Dealerships were popping up in every city in the land, processing labs on every corner. 73 The advantages offered by

captures them all and, were it not for the fact that another camera is obviously recording all the action (and the titular cameraman’s own eventual decision to lay down his machine and join the action himself ), one could believe one really was watching the creation of a genuine stag movie. And a genuinely well-made one, as well. “It might sound peculiar,” Joan said, “but we took pride in making these pictures, because no matter how secretive we had to be about what we doing — because it was

naked, the maid joins in, first taking over her mistress’s position while the ballerina moves elsewhere, and then straddling the boyfriend’s face, while the white girl takes his lap. But the most enjoyable of the prewar mixed couplings, from the cast’s point of view at least, was The Handyman, a 1930s encounter between a white woman, her maid and the black workman who visits to undertake some light repairs around the house. The maid and the handyman, in particular, spend much of the movie

black that their very mention quickly became another euphemism for a sexy film? Someone would tell you they were off to see some “black socks,” and you knew they weren’t talking about a baseball scandal. The films were usually in black and white. And silent. A few hardy entrepreneurs toyed with color and sound, but it didn’t really make a difference, any more than 3-d made a difference. The average onlookers were seldom searching for a master class in the latest movie techniques, and half of them

the Martinet), Flagellation en Bord de Marne — tend to feature women only, while those that do allow men in the room usually grant the female dominatrix the leading role when it comes to disciplining another woman. This allows for some unusual twists. A la Français includes a scene in which the “victim,” while firmly trussed, is placed between the man’s legs and ordered to fellate him while the other woman holds the penis in one hand and continues the beating with the other. At that point, the

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