Black Glasses Like Clark Kent: A GI's Secret from Postwar Japan

Black Glasses Like Clark Kent: A GI's Secret from Postwar Japan

Terese Svoboda

Language: English

Pages: 225

ISBN: 1555974902

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

After her Uncle's suicide, Terese Svoboda investigates his stunning claim that MPs may have executed their own men during the occupation of Japan after World war II

[Our captain] commended us for being good soldiers and doing our job well and having a minimum of problems. Then he dropped a bomb. He said the prison was getting overcrowded, terribly overcrowded.

As a child Terese Svoboda thought of her uncle as Superman, with "Black Clark Kent glasses, grapefruit-sized biceps." At eighty, he could still boast a washboard stomach, but in March 2004, he became seriously depressed. Svoboda investigates his terrifying story of what happened during his time as an MP, interviewing dozens of elderly ex-GIs and visiting Japan to try to discover the truth.

In Black Glasses Like Clark Kent, winner of the Graywolf Nonfiction Prize, Svoboda offers a striking and carefully wrought personal account of an often painful search for information. She intersperses excerpts of her uncle's recordings and letters to his wife with her own research, and shows how the vagaries of military justice can allow the worst to happen and then be buried by time and protocol

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part of the Japanese medical establishment. Dr. Masaji Kitano, major general in charge of Unit 731, led Japan’s largest pharmaceutical company, the Green Cross, which manufactured blood products that were found, in the mid­-­1980s, to have been infected with HIV. “The moral of the story is,” according to Sherman, “bury your bones deep.” Where would an executed GI lie buried in Japan? There is no Plot E, the cemetery in France where the military buried all who were executed in the European

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