Born Naked: The Early Adventures of the Author of Never Cry Wolf

Born Naked: The Early Adventures of the Author of Never Cry Wolf

Farley Mowat

Language: English

Pages: 272

ISBN: 0395735289

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Farley Mowat's youth was charmed and hilarious, and unbelievably free in its access to unspoiled nature through bird-banding expeditions and overnight outings in the dead of winter. The author writes of sleeping in haystacks for survival, and other adventures, with equal shares of Booth Tarkington and Jack London. He also brings back Mutt, the famous hero-dog of his classic THE DOG WHO WOULDN'T BE, and his pet owl Wol, hero of OWLS IN THE FAMILY. The tale of an outrageous and clever boy, BORN NAKED takes its place as the foundation of the Farley Mowat canon.

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in my father’s long string of infidelities. If this were indeed the case, then the poem, “Daddy’s Dilemma,” which he sent to me in Belleville is demonstrative of his ability to set out false scents. Here is a truncated version of it. Preserved by a Princess or Daddy’s Dilemma Your Mother still is stretched upon her bed, With paunchy pillows pushed beneath her head, While our Miss Carter doth disport herself On counterpane, like dizzy, dev’lish elf. Her name

hectic social life, but I knew little of their comings and goings for spring had swept me out of their world. The one member of the Beaver Club who had remained loyal to its memory and to me was Murray Robb. A year younger than myself, he was a gentle youth with soft brown eyes and a peaceable disposition. He now became my closest pal. Every Saturday and most Sundays, too, we would bicycle many miles into the country then leave our “wheels” and prowl on foot over the prairies and through the

wind out on the open prairie so we have to stop every little while and take off our mitts and rub away the white spots on our noses and cheeks. At last we get out of the wind in amongst the bluffs behind Henry’s place. First thing we flush about a dozen partridge out of a drift so close they nearly hit us with their wings. Rex takes after them but Mutt knows better. He sits with his tongue out, laughing, until Rex flounders back. We’ve come to the right place. The storm must have brought

two weeks before school ended, it posed a problem. My parents, bless them, did not mind my missing that much school time but the principal of Nutana Collegiate would have to authorize such a departure from the rules. I do not know if he would have done so on his own. I do know that Monkey Wilson represented my interests to such effect that the day after my birthday he was able to bring word that not only would I be permitted to leave school early, I would also be excused from writing the

in the Family and The Dog Who Wouldn’t Be. 18 THE DRUDGERY IMPOSED BY SCHOOL that winter was relieved by one brief yet shining adventure. My parents had become friends with painter Ernst Lindner and his beautiful wife Boadil. The four of them agreed to make a mid-winter sortie into the “bush” north of Prince Albert where Ernie knew some old-style trappers. I was to go too and, when I pleaded for the company of Bruce Billings, he was also invited. We left Saskatoon on December 28,

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