Bouvard and Pécuchet A Tragi-comic Novel of Bourgeois Life

Bouvard and Pécuchet A Tragi-comic Novel of Bourgeois Life

Language: English

Pages: 224


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

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other deputy, Marescot, was too absorbed in his legal work to notice; the lecture could therefore be held. The crier announced it for the following Sunday at three o’clock. Only the day before did they think about what to wear. Thank heaven, Pécuchet had kept an old formal suit, with a velvet collar, two white ties, and black gloves. Bouvard put on his blue frock coat, nankeen waistcoat, and buckskin shoes, and with great excitement they set out across the village. Flaubert’s manuscript

frame and slathered lids the growth was sickly to behold. The cuttings didn’t take; the grafts came undone; the sap in the layers stopped flowing; the trees had white spots on their roots; the seedlings were a desolation. The wind enjoyed flattening the beanstalks. The abundance of sludge ruined the strawberries, the lack of pinching killed the tomatoes. There was no broccoli, eggplant, turnips, or watercress, which he had tried to grow in a tub. After the thaw, they lost the artichokes. The

hold it still, and fell to the ground with two fistfuls of wool. They renewed their attempts with hens and a duck, then a mastiff and a sow, hoping to produce monsters and not understanding the first thing about the question of species. The word species designates a group of creatures whose descendants can reproduce; but some animals classified as belonging to different species can reproduce, while others included in the same species have lost the ability. They flattered themselves into

the courtyard, he noticed Gorgu, smoking his pipe with arms crossed. “Aha, so you’ve hired this boy! If there’s ever a riot, I wouldn’t turn my back.” And Mr. de Faverges climbed into his tilbury. Why was their maid so afraid of him? They questioned her, and she told them that she had served at his farm: she was the little girl who had poured cider for the harvesting women on the day of their visit. Two years later, they had taken her on as a helper in the castle, then sent her away “because

The enthusiasm wanes. For in 1827, in Cherbourg, a ball organized by subscription falls through. As he is grand admiral of France, he inspects the fleet, which is about to leave for Algiers. July 1830. Marmont tells him of the change in affairs. He gets so furious that he injures his hand on the general’s sword. The king places him in supreme command of the armed forces. In the Bois de Boulogne he meets detachments from the lines, and cannot find a thing to say to them. From Saint-Cloud, he

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