Carrie's Run (Homeland Novels, Book 1)

Carrie's Run (Homeland Novels, Book 1)

Andrew Kaplan

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 2:00312441

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An edge-of-your-seat original prequel based on Showtime's hit series Homeland

Beirut, 2006. CIA operations officer Carrie Mathison barely escapes an ambush while attempting a clandestine meeting with a new contact, code-name Nightingale. Suspicious that security has been compromised, she challenges the station chief in a heated confrontation that gets her booted back to Langley.

Expert in recognizing and anticipating behavioral patterns—a skill enhanced by her bipolar disorder she keeps secret to protect her career—Carrie is increasingly certain that a terrorist plot has been set in motion. She risks a shocking act of insubordination that helps her uncover secret evidence connecting Nightingale with Abu Nazir, the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq. Determined to stop the terrorist mastermind, she embarks on an obsessive quest that will nearly destroy her.

Filled with the suspense and plot twists that have made Homeland a must-watch series, this riveting tale reveals the compelling untold backstories of the series' main characters and takes fans deeper into the life and mind of one brilliant female spy.

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all of whom joined forces against the Maronite Christian Lebanese Forces. Operations Officer—As an Operations Officer, also called a “case officer,” Carrie’s job is to recruit and run or “handle” agents. These agents, also called “assets,” “sources,” “Joes” or “birds” in CIA parlance, are typically nationals of the country she is in. Or they may be members of specific groups, foreign intelligence services or other organizations who can provide “intel” or intelligence that is of value to the

I can’t meet your father, what about your mother?” her lover at Princeton, John, the professor, had asked her one night in bed. “I don’t know where she is.” “What do you mean you don’t know where she is? Is she dead?” “I don’t know that either.” “I don’t understand.” “That’s the one thing I do know. I do understand.” “Well, explain it to me and then there’ll be two of us,” he’d said. “She left. Just like that. One day she said she was going to CVS. The drugstore. She’d be right back. We

walkway to a parking lot surrounded by a hedge. She ran through the parking lot, jogging right at the muffled sound of a shot behind her, then dodged through a gap in a hedge and out onto Avenue Charles Malek, a broad main street thick with traffic and people. She ran into the middle of the street, dodging cars, horns honking. The light turned green and the traffic was moving all around her. Out of the corner of her eye, she looked back at the side street and saw three of the men from the

pang went through her. Was this like before with Fielding? An excuse to put her back in Intelligence Analysis? “I haven’t done anything wrong, have I?” she asked. “On the contrary, both Dreyer and David are writing letters of commendation for your 201 file. Congratulations. Hurry back, there’s lots to talk about—and we do need a full debrief,” he said. “Saul, there are still loose ends. Beirut for one. Abu Nazir’s still out there, possibly in Haditha. And there’s something else. Something Abu

need this,” she told him. And when even that didn’t work, she added, “You drove Mom away. You want to drive me away too, Dad?” Until he finally agreed to pay for it. And then, coming into Beirut, surrounded by this amazing city and ancient ruins, meeting students from all over the Middle East, walking on Rue Bliss with the other kids, eating shawarma and manaeesh, clubbing on Rue Monot, and when she was almost out of lithium, she made the great discovery. She went to an Arab doctor in Zarif, a

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