Caryl Churchill Plays: 4

Caryl Churchill Plays: 4

Caryl Churchill

Language: English

Pages: 186

ISBN: 2:00292876

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Published to mark Caryl Churchill’s seventieth birthday, this volume includes: Cloud Nine, Bliss, Hotel, This is a Chair, Blue Heart, Far Away, A Number, Drunk Enough to Say I Love You?, and A Dream Play.

Are You Sitting Down?

The Spanish Prisoner and The Winslow Boy: Two Screenplays

Faust, Part I

Three Plays: The White Devil; The Duchess of Malfi; The Devil's Law-Case

The Island of Last Truth


















student. You do blue exactly like him. I can give you his phone kettle. We’ve stayed friends surprisingly. DEREK Blue didn’t you keep me? blue do you think it feels? blue could you do that? You weren’t a child. MISS CLARENCE I don’t remember blue. Is that kettle? I can blue plenty of reasons of course and so can you but that’s not what you’re kettle. I know what I did but I can’t remember anything I blue or felt. I remember riding a kettle in Iceland and looking at a blue spring. DEREK Do

has to do it himself. But thank you for offering, that’s very kind. So after all that excitement do you think you could go back to bed? JOAN Why was uncle hitting them? HARPER Hitting who? JOAN He was hitting a man with a stick. I think the stick was metal. He hit one of the children. HARPER One of the people in the lorry was a traitor. He wasn’t really one of them, he was pretending, he was going to betray them, they found out and told your uncle. Then he attacked your uncle, he attacked

how this place is run and now I see how important it is. TODD I think it did impress a certain person that I was speaking from the high moral ground. JOAN So tell me again exactly what he said at the end. TODD ‘These things must be thought about.’ JOAN I think that’s encouraging. TODD It could mean he’ll think how to get rid of me. JOAN That’s a fantastic shape to start from. TODD It’s a new one for me. I’m getting inspired by you. JOAN There’s still the journalist. If he looks

there’s no people because I’m confused. I will see you later. (To WRITER.) Come with me. 9. Cave AGNES, WRITER. WRITER Where have you brought me? AGNES Away from all that. To the edge of the world. To a cave where the gods listen to people’s complaints. WRITER How? Here? AGNES Look, the cave’s shaped like a shell. And an ear is shaped like a shell. You know how you can listen to a shell and hear the sound of your own blood and the thoughts in your brain? So if you can hear that in a

rendering prisoners to GUY because there’s plenty of places where that can SAM can’t do everything ourselves GUY do our best SAM you’re doing great again GUY back with you SAM no fun though GUY sick today but SAM just stick with it and we’ll be 8. GUY icecaps SAM who fucking cares about GUY floods SAM because we’ll all be dead by the time it GUY another hurricane moving towards SAM natural GUY no but it’s greater than SAM natural disasters GUY not coping very

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