Castle Dreams

Castle Dreams

Language: English

Pages: 228

ISBN: 0441094147

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Lord Incarnadine, King of the Realms Perilous, has come to a tragic end--and his self-proclaimed successor has all the Castle dwellers under his spell, battling for the throne. But there's a reason the castle is called perilous, and this would-be usurper is about to find out why! "Madcap science fantasy . . fun-filled adventure!"--Booklist.

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Le fabuleux Maurie et ses rongeurs savants (Les annales du Dique-monde, Tome 28)

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insight. A change of perspective. And all that will come, in time. You must learn, as well, to be patient.” “I want to know,” the man below said. “I want to learn.” “Good, good. You will learn. And you will know.” The Judge leaned back and rubbed his eyes with thumb and forefinger. “Ah,” he said wearily. “This is not the easiest of jobs.” “Who are you?” the man looking up asked. “It is my job to see you through this process of learning. To guide you, but not to teach. You must teach

that, mortal, I thank you.” “You are quite welcome, boatman. What is this place?” “The Port of Dreams.” “Why is it so called?” “I know not. Unlike the rest, you ask many questions. You will have your answer in due time.” He regarded the approach of the village, peering past the houses. “This is an island?” The ferryman nodded. “Aye.” “One more question, please. What is the name of this river?” “This is the River of Dreams.” “Ah.” “And just downstream, at its mouth, begins the Sea of

found it, neither better nor worse for your having been there.” “Hey, I did okay.” “Not saying you didn’t. Just saying you’re an average guy, like me.” “Yeah, that’s me. Average. I like it that way.” “Nothing wrong with it. Now, take our friend, here, the piano player. He brings music to the world.” “This ain’t the world.” “The netherworld, whatever it is. He creates a little beauty, makes people happy. That’s something. Me, I couldn’t play “Chopsticks.” No talent for anything.” “I thought

this thing,” she said. “But I’ve been reluctant to use it.” An intense beam shot from the region of her right shoulder and made a tight circle on the wall. She fiddled with a control until the circle widened. “Little photon-shooter. I shouldn’t be doing this, though.” She shut it off. “Their sensors can pick up the tiniest bit of trace radiation.” The intensity had hurt Gene’s eyes, and now the light’s absence blinded him. But his heightened sensitivity returned quickly and soon he was

was more responsive here, as the tunnel was less cluttered with munitions in this area. He switched his weapon back to automatic and hosed in both directions to keep enemy heads and weapons down. Sativa worked furiously behind his back. But soon she was ready. Balancing the firing tube on her shoulder, she took aim at the blind end of the tunnel. “Get down and cover your eyes!” “We’re too close!” “Move!” He stretched out and tried to make himself one with the wall, burying his face in his

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