Chicken Soup for the Indian Armed Forces Soul

Chicken Soup for the Indian Armed Forces Soul

Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Raksha Bharadia

Language: English

Pages: 202

ISBN: 2:00307843

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Armed Force personnel and their family from all over India have contributed to this heart-warming, inspiring book, sharing their experiences on learning to face challenges head-on, to persist, and to overcome.

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not about, ‘how you are’ but ‘how you choose and train yourself to be’ that has made them what they are; the understanding that they started very much from the point that everyone does, ground zero. The strengths and values that these stories highlight are not from people blessed or born with them, but those who have acquired it through hard work and determination. When I read these tales, the one line that reverberated in me was, ‘I too can!’ I certainly feel a more fulfilled human being

got us to attack his position. We smiled back, but none of us requested him for water. Perhaps we were sceptical: he could conclude that gentlemen cadets were soft. He was waiting next to a small shelter pitched for Bagati to have his lunch. As cadets, we were to have a more eco-friendly lunch under the trees. Bagati strolled up, berated us for a rather slow operation, calling us the softest sissies that ever wanted to make it to officers. We took a break for lunch, with Bagati announcing

to my daughters inside. Slowly, as the news sunk in, I came out and managed to ask, ‘How did it happen?’ ‘His vehicle was ambushed by suspected terrorists,’ the CO said. Anjan, my husband, had been on his way from home to join his unit in Tung district in Punjab. Anjali was then eight and Tanya all of three years and six months. All three of us were robbed of the one person who loved us with all his heart and pampered us to kingdom come! Snuffed out by the bullets of some misled, brainwashed,

firing rockets at the bunker, the LTTE terrorists were sitting ready on trees; heavy machine gun bullets started ripping through the body of the helicopter. RS’s aircraft caught twenty-two bullets, miraculously missing his person. But the bullets severely damaged the helicopter. He managed to fly it back, though. After the battle was over, a doctor had to give him a once over. I was the doctor that day. Predictably, there was nothing wrong with him. He was awarded a Vir Chakra for the operation.

hospital where the priest, Pandit Ram Naresh Tripathi was declared critical. He was taken to the ICU. To save him, there was an urgent requirement of blood transfusion. All the four soldiers who had escorted the injured to the hospital offered their blood but only Sepoy Noor Mohammad’s blood group matched Tripathi’s. And that’s what saved the priest’s life. In the meanwhile, the incident had been richly spiced up by the free public gossip services. Rumours about the temple having been burnt to

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