Close Quarters: A spy thriller set in Washington DC and Ukraine (A Marc Portman Thriller)

Close Quarters: A spy thriller set in Washington DC and Ukraine (A Marc Portman Thriller)

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 0727885049

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The return of The Watchman - deep cover specialist Marc Portman

Close protection specialist Marc Portman is used to finding himself in hostile situations. But none can be more unpredictable than troubled Ukraine, teetering on the brink of civil war.

When a US State Department official on a fact-finding mission to Ukraine is placed under house arrest, the CIA hire Portman (codename: Watchman) to get him safely out of the country. In that dangerous and volatile region, Portman will find himself up against local gangsters, Ukrainian Special Forces, professional snipers, pro-Russian separatists and power-crazed cops. What he cannot know however is that his most lethal enemy comes from his own side …

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surroundings and follow his progress. With all the military activity in the area, that wasn’t going to be easy. I’d have to run the risk of roadblocks and random stops by militia, but I figured I could talk my way through. The first priority was to pick up some wheels. I’d automatically ruled out any of the usual rental agencies. If they weren’t already closed through lack of customers and the risk of not getting their cars back, they soon would be. But that wasn’t my only reason for avoiding

paid them off, I wasn’t sure, but I took it to be a good sign – with reservations. I walked round the Toyota, checking out the shadows as I went. The vehicle was well-used and looked a dirty red under the poor light. Its life story was easy to read in the tracer-work of dents and scrapes on the body panels and fenders, and a multitude of scratches on the windshield. But it looked ready to go with good tyres and wipers. So far so good. ‘What about the extra?’ ‘In the glove box with a spare

trouble. The simplest solution would have been to drop it down a convenient sewer. But that would be like going naked. If Ivkanoy was the kind of man I figured he was, he’d be sorely pissed at having been dumped on his ass with a busted finger, and the chances of meeting up with him or his friends was too high; he’d be on the look-out and I’d need some heavy backup for that eventuality somewhere down the line. I also needed to have the gun within easy reach, which left out anywhere on the

elegance to the buildings. I followed the main road in and passed a large IS-3 Russian heavy tank sitting on a plinth. It was a memorial to the liberation of Pavlohrad in 1943 and a simultaneous reminder of the country’s past and its links to its vast neighbour to the east. I turned off the road before crossing the river Vovcha, which snakes its way through the town from north to south, and stopped to look at the map. I’d decided to check out the address of the cut-out first before going to the

attack of departmental guilt over the fact that the State Department had sent the data unencrypted. He’d know soon enough when he got back – if he got back – that his bosses had been careless, even negligent, with sensitive data. That would be for him and them to live with. For now we had to focus on the next move. ‘Did they say what they wanted you for?’ ‘Who?’ ‘The man in the grey suit.’ ‘At first he didn’t say anything. He was fairly officious, even aggressive, but I put that down to being

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