Cloud Computing: Methods and Practical Approaches (Computer Communications and Networks)

Cloud Computing: Methods and Practical Approaches (Computer Communications and Networks)

Zaigham Mahmood

Language: English

Pages: 347

ISBN: 1447151062

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This book presents both state-of-the-art research developments and practical guidance on approaches, technologies and frameworks for the emerging cloud paradigm. Topics and features: presents the state of the art in cloud technologies, infrastructures, and service delivery and deployment models; discusses relevant theoretical frameworks, practical approaches and suggested methodologies; offers guidance and best practices for the development of cloud-based services and infrastructures, and examines management aspects of cloud computing; reviews consumer perspectives on mobile cloud computing and cloud-based enterprise resource planning; explores software performance testing, open-source cloudware support, and assessment methodologies for modernization, migration and pre-migration; describes emerging new methodologies relevant to the cloud paradigm, and provides suggestions for future developments and research directions.

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three major disciplines: solid Earth deformation, ecosystem structure, and dynamics of ice. Because of its multidisciplinary nature, one of the key questions about the mission is whether it makes sense to process and archive the data at a single location or to spread the load over multiple centers that are separately run and controlled by domain experts. Indeed, a distributed architecture might actually not be an option; rather it might be a necessary consequence of the large data volumes

requirements for rapid data processing, CARVE has chosen to use a commercial cloud solution, Amazon Web Services. This particular selection helps CARVE minimize the risk associated with making infrastructure investments too early, and it is also predicted to save CARVE several hundred thousand dollars over the course of the mission. ACCE Architecture ACCE is providing CARVE with the interface to schedule and orchestrate jobs on the commercial cloud through Polyphony [3]. For CARVE,

as against consumer cloud where it is dealing with individual consumers one to one. But selective adoption of consumer cloud aspects in enterprise cloud would help to significantly enhance information worker (enterprise consumer) user experience and productivity which can have a direct impact on enterprise bottom line. 4.8 Opportunities in Various Industries Consumer cloud is already changing lots of conventional ways of doing things in various industries such as education, media, automobile

Capability/Preferences Profile (CC/PP) can be used for capabilities description and user preferences. CC/PP [23] is based on RDF. CC/PP is a widely 8 Cloud Computing: A Mobile Context-Awareness Perspective 161 accepted W3C standard, but it does not specify how contextual information can be stored. Strang and Linnhoff-Popien [24] present a survey of six context modelling approaches: key-value modelling, markup scheme modelling, graphical modelling (UML, ER, etc.), object-oriented modelling,

ERP systems have the Herculean task of seamlessly supporting and integrating a full range of business processes, uniting functional islands, and making their data visible across the organization in real time [22]. ERP software is one of the fastest-growing segments of business computing today. The motivation for the enterprises to implement ERP systems are the integration, the standardization capabilities, the flexibility to customize the software, and their ability to drive effective business

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