Collections Management (Leicester Readers in Museum Studies)

Collections Management (Leicester Readers in Museum Studies)

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0415112834

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Collections Management brings together leading papers exploring some of the major issues affecting collections management.

Providing information about initiatives and issues for anyone involved in collections management, Fahy identifies the main issues relating to collecting and disposal of collections and discusses why museums should develop appropriate documentation systems.

Examining the status of research within museums, the various sources of advice relating to security and addresses the basics of insurance and indemnity, Collections Management is an invaluable and very practical introduction to this topic for students of museum studies and museum professionals.

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requires the museum to accept only a policy which meets its precise needs and which does not strain staff capabilities. According to Patricia Nauert and Caroline Black, authors of Fine Arts Insurance, A Handbook for Art Museums,12 the committee of the Inland Marine Underwriters Association specializing in fine arts insurance considers the following to be the most common problems encountered when evaluating a museum risk.13 1 Record-keeping. The museum’s records do not reflect accurately what is

artifacts and other property normally exhibited in museums. Frames, glasses, shadow boxes and other protective enclosures used to display the property are also covered. 24 MARIE MALARO Of course, there are some limitations to your coverage which will be explained later in this agreement. Permanent collection. Your permanent collection consists of property you own and is covered on your premises. It’s also covered while in transit to and from another location and while it’s temporarily kept at

insurance to you. You’ll have the authority to give these certificates to others. Museum Collections Reporting Endorsement This endorsement changes your Museum Collections Coverage How Your Coverage Is Changed COLLECTION MANAGEMENT POLICIES 27 Your Coverage Summary indicates that your premium is based on either annual or monthly written reports you make to us. We’ll figure your premium by applying the rate shown for monthly or annual reporting to the values you report. You agree to keep

have little difficulty in preparing their applications. If, however, you are unsure of any point, staff at the SMC will be ready and willing to deal with enquiries by letter or telephone, or by arranging to visit you. If you are a museum service running more than one museum, please supply an application form for each. (Additional copies are available from SMC if we have not sent you enough.) Information common to all museums, such as details of constitution or finances, need only be given on one

enclosure of the central group in a mandorla points to an early date involving the theological debate concerning the nature of the Incarnation which took place under the influence of Constantinople. It is the only mosaic example of the Theotokos to survive Iconoclasm. The apse itself was framed with a border of medallions of busts of the twelve apostles. The population of Cyprus is approximately 80 per cent Greek Christian, the remainder being Islamic Turks. Turkey invaded Cyprus in 1974,

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