Confessions of a Fan Fiction Writer

Confessions of a Fan Fiction Writer

Jacquel Chrissy May

Language: English

Pages: 37

ISBN: 1:00034646

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

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Noelle Forbes is obsessed with Dylan Drake, a popular character in the fantasy series "The Silver Stones" by Judi Pickett. She maintains that obsession by writing tons of fan fiction about Dylan on her favorite fan fiction website and running a club known as the Dylan Drake Devotees at her local high school.

Yet, most of the students at her school mock her for loving the fictional wizard, as most of them had outgrown the series. Plus, her parents don't mind her obsession with Dylan, yet several of her Christian cousins would beg to differ.

Speaking of which, Noelle's family left the church when the pastor there urged her congregation to punish their children if they were to read "The Silver Stones". Noelle hasn't been to church since she was 8 years old.

Between writing Dylan Drake fan fiction, running the Dylan Drake Devotees, and dealing with her family drama, Noelle barely has time to think about her future, cultivate actual friendships (besides the girl that everyone in her school hates), or even think about her religious life. All of that changes the second that she is cast in a Christian play and suddenly, it appears that everything in her life makes no sense, as if she had wasted it living in a fantasy world instead of in the real world, where she belongs.

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"You will be polite to Noelle and you will not yell at her. You will do your chores without complaint. You will not cut classes because of what the teacher is teaching. You will wear sensible clothes and not the black and white rags that your mother insists that you wear. You will keep all matter of opinion regarding church to yourself. Is that understood?" Celeste knew that she had been beaten, at least for now. "Yes, sir," she said, as if my dad was not her uncle, a drill sergeant in the

fan fiction stories about Dylan, but none of them were as well-received as “Dylan Drake & the Emerald Star”. I had been working on that story for the past five years of my life, with no clear end goal in sight. As I typed away, I chanced to think about the movie "Monty Python & the Holy Grail", especially the part where the monster shows up and chases King Arthur and his knights around the cave until the animator suffered from a fatal heart attack and the group was saved at the last second. (Of

Simon is this generation's William Shakespeare, even if he has never even seen or read any of Shakespeare's works. (If he did, then he never said anything about it.) Plus, his plays seemed to reach into a deeper part of the subconscious, making people see the surreal side of life. (Want to know how good his plays were? His last play, "The Harmless Hurricane", actually led to someone turning themselves to the police station for beating up kids who played with their smartphones instead of on the

could barely recall my Sunday school teacher, Mrs. Horton telling my Sunday school class that “The Quantum Mystery” vilified Christians, and we were never to read that book at all. While everyone else obeyed her and never went near the books, I didn’t. (I’m glad I read the books and ignored her; I would have been miserable if I was like everyone else and refused to read the books.) Next came the book “The Hunter of the Night”, which was published on December 12, 2004. The general opinion of the

talk to Marina about this. She should know better than to hang out with bullies and queen bees. Is she seriously trying to be popular?" As we all know, Marina Gibney was once a member of the Dylan Drake Devotees, and she had joined the club when the club was first founded. Plus, I had known her since the seventh grade, when she was a new student who had been pushed to the side because she had Asperger's and I gave her the book to read. Talk about being stabbed in the back. "So, the club is

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