Confessions of a Male Nurse (The Confessions Series)

Confessions of a Male Nurse (The Confessions Series)

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 0007469543

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From the people who brought you the bestselling Confessions of a GP. From stampeding nudes to inebriated teenagers, young nurse Michael Alexander never really knew what he was getting himself into. But now, sixteen years since he was first launched into his nursing career - as the only man in a gynaecology ward - he's pretty much dealt with everything: body parts that come off in his hands; teenagers with phantom pregnancies; doctors unable to tell the difference between their left and right; violent drunks; singing relatives; sexism...and a whole lot of nudity. Confessions of a Male Nurse is a touching, shocking and frequently hilarious account of one man's life in nursing.

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head when you hear the words psychiatric patient? I wouldn’t be surprised if you came up with some rather unpleasant thoughts. I was just a student when I had my first glimpse into the world of the psychiatric patient and like most young males, I was comfortably ignorant – and happy to stay so – of things psychiatric. But, I didn’t have much choice – I had to graduate. I remember very clearly my introduction to Waverly House. It was in my third and final year of training, and this was to be my

she had not told anyone that she was taking him. But it can go other ways. One patient, who I came to know reasonably well during my 18 months in the psychiatric unit, had made eight attempts to kill herself, two of those in the previous 12 months. After eight attempts, you might think she wasn’t quite sincere about wanting to finish her life, but she was, she was just plain unlucky (or lucky, depending on your point of view). She had tried gassing herself in her garage, using her car. Her

minutes of some very graphic abuse, before he tried the pleading tactic again. In total I suffered 20 minutes of this barrage of begging and threatening, before the psychiatrist arrived. Dr King took one look in through the window and ordered a very strong dose of tranquilliser. ‘He does appear to be in a very bad way, wouldn’t you say?’ he asked casually. I wasn’t sure if he expected an answer or not. ‘You sort out Mr Brown and I’ll draw up the injection,’ Dr King ordered. He didn’t appear

intensive care unit. All the nurses and all the doctors were there. We were not a specialist anorexia unit, and some suggested maybe Jeneil should have been in one, but she had already been in the best anorexia hospital in the country, multiple times, with no success. Now 26, Jeneil had battled with anorexia from the age of 16, although it wasn’t until she left high school that her weight loss had become so noticeable that her family sought medical intervention. She had no apparent reason for

it off anyway, lad. You’ve just made their job a bit easier,’ he said to me. ‘Ever thought of being a surgeon?’ he added and broke into another round of laughter, as if this were a great joke. ‘Well, what do you want me to do with it?’ I asked – the discussion finally coming around to practicalities. ‘Well, I don’t want it,’ he said. ‘Throw it in the rubbish.’ It didn’t seem quite right throwing it in the bin – after all, it was a body part – but then again, a pretty gross part, so in it

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