Conspiracy (Stephen Coonts' Deep Black, Book 6)

Conspiracy (Stephen Coonts' Deep Black, Book 6)

Stephen Coonts, Jim DeFelice

Language: English

Pages: 480

ISBN: 0312937008

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A Secret Service agent is dead, an apparent suicide. A presidential candidate narrowly escapes an assassin's bullet. And Desk Three, a convert branch of the NSA, is searching for a chilling connection deep inside The Republic of Vietnam.

Once, Charlie Dean was a Marine sniper in Quang Nam Province. Today he's a Deep Black operator, returning to Vietnam to find the source of some threatening e-mails. Instead, he comes face to face with a man he had once hunted down…and thought he had killed.

Back in the U.S., Deep Black agent Lia DeFrancesca has uncovered the trail of a killer in Dean's path. Now, with every asset, weapon, bug and high-tech magic wand Desk Three can wave, the agents enter a terrifying global race against time. Because ghosts of the past have risen to life…to strike a death blow into the heart of the U.S.A.

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the building a few days before.” “Not much of a description,” said Lia. “It may be significant,” said Jackson. “Which brings me to the second half of our briefing.” “Let me preface the ambassador’s brief by saying that the relationship of this incident to Special Agent Forester’s death has yet to be determined,” interrupted Rubens. “There may in fact be no relationship at all. The only point of connection is that Forester was tracking down threats against the senator when he died. It is that

back, she thought. Do it all over. No one had seen her. She should do that for him. Not let him lie there for hours until he was found. Amanda did her best to dry her tears. She decided she would go back, get into the room, and make the call. Everything would be more or less as it had really happened—except she wouldn’t mention that she had left. And she’d put the keys back, the room key and the car key. She’d completely forgotten about them. Her resolve melted when she saw two police cars in

first time since they’d met. “Maybe he met someone with a long memory. He claimed to have found my name in a government directory.” “Is that possible?” “Yes. I have contact with foreign banks. I have visited Beijing—I am in the directories. But how he knew to look, that I do not know. He asked if I knew anything about missing money. He named the date the payment should have arrived. That was all. I will not come to your country,” Phuc Dinh added. “I cannot help you more than this.” Dean took a

through now. But I’d like to check it sooner rather than later.” “Sure, I’ll do it,” said Lia. “Good. I’ll fax you a copy of the transaction.” IT WAS GOING on six o’clock when Lia finally got to the animal hospital. The only one left in the office was a pimple-faced geek who started breathing hard as soon as she walked in the door. Which really annoyed her, though she tried to ignore it. “I’m looking for a woman named Amanda Rauci, who may have been in here yesterday,” Lia told him after she

to her. “If he bothers you, show him a copy of this.” Qui left the papers untouched on the table. Neither she nor Dean said anything for a full minute. Finally Dean rose to go. “Thank you, Charlie Dean. I see what my future might have been. Now, I no longer have to mourn for it.” 111 “WHAT THE HELL is going on, Billy?” demanded President Marcke as Rubens entered the Oval Office. “Why are the details of a top-secret mission being broadcast on national television?” Bing was sitting next to the

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