Convergences: Essays on Art and Literature

Convergences: Essays on Art and Literature

Octavio Paz

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0156225867

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Engrossing essays that reflect the author’s vast and subtle knowledge of the world. Topics range from the religious rites of the Aztecs to modern american painting, from Eastern art and religion to love and eroticism. Translated by Helen Lane.

Man Ray (Art dossier Giunti)

Michelangelo: Il David (Art dossier Giunti)

La modernidad de Manet: o la superficie de la pintura en la década de 1860 (La balsa de la Medusa, Volume 197)

Children of Marx and Coca-Cola: Chinese Avant-Garde Art and Independent Cinema (Critical Interventions)

Puppet: An Essay on Uncanny Life













edification of Indian scholars and philosophers. A nd at the end of his life, while residing in the Monastery of Eternal Love as abbot and head of the school of translators, Tri­ pitaka was invited by the new emperor, Kao Tsung, to stay for a time at the palace. The empress was with child and about to give birth. At this point there occurred the incident I mentioned earlier. But it is best reproduce the letter that Tripitaka wrote to the empress, as Arthur Waley transcribes it in his biography of

His last essays, written shortly before his death at an early age, were an attempt to overcome the linguistic relativism with which his name is associated. To overcome it, not deny it. At no time did W horf have doubts about his thesis that each language—or rather each family of lan­ guages—constitutes a complete system that encompasses and determines the culture of its speakers. Despite the fact that each language is a world, all of them are constituted in the same way. W horf conceived of them

the correct one. From that day forth, Tara was never seen again. 49 Seeing and Using: Art and Craftsmanship In its rightful place. Not fallen from above, but emerged from below. Ocher, the color of burnt honey. Sun color buried a thousand years ago and dug up yesterday. Fresh green and orange stripes cross its still-warm body. Circles, frets: remains of a scattered alphabet? Pregnant woman’s belly, bird’s neck. If the palm of your hand covers and uncovers its mouth, it answers you in a low

be of great perfection and beauty. This is the application of craftsmanship to indus­ try. The needs of this mode of production will be the opposite of those of our factories: not an army of laborers, but a small group of artist-workers producing a limited 86 A t Table and in Bed number of objects of extraordinary variety, perfectly turned out. The horror and boredom of industrial work will be reduced to a minimum. The manufacture of goods, Fourier triumphantly concludes, will require only one

and in Bed the West, erotic rebellion is a symptom of a decisive event destined to alter the course of American history and, along with it, world history: the collapse of the system of values of Protestant capitalism. This collapse immediately as­ sumes the form of moral criticism. Criticism turns into protest and protest into a political demand: the recognition of the exception. Thus, through a curious process, our era turns sexuality into ideology. On the one hand, the erotic exception

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