Coriolanus (Dover Thrift Editions)

Coriolanus (Dover Thrift Editions)

William Shakespeare

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 0486426882

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A highly political play, Coriolanus concerns a military hero of ancient Rome who attempts to shift from his career as a general to become a candidate for public office — a disastrous move that leads to his collaborating with the enemy and heading an attack on Rome. Despite his battlefield confidence and accomplishments, Coriolanus proves psychologically ill-suited as a candidate for the office of consul and makes an easy scapegoat for the restless citizenry and his political opponents.
The last of Shakespeare's tragedies, Coriolanus was written in approximately 1608 and derived from Plutarch's Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans. A timeless tale of pride, revenge, and political chicanery, it remains ever-relevant for modern readers and audiences.

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thus correcting thy stout92 heart, Now humble as the ripest mulberry That will not hold94 the handling: or say to them, Thou art their soldier, and being bred in broils95 Hast not the soft96 way which, thou dost confess, Were fit97 for thee to use as they to claim, In asking their good loves, but thou wilt frame98 Thyself, forsooth99, hereafter theirs so far As thou hast power and person100. MENENIUS This but done, Even as she speaks102, why, their hearts were yours: For they have

How is it with our general? AUFIDIUS Even so as with a man by his own Alms impoisoned, and with his12 charity slain. SECOND CONSPIRATOR Most noble sir, if you do hold the same intent Wherein you wished us parties14, we’ll deliver you Of15 your great danger. AUFIDIUS Sir, I cannot tell: We must proceed as we do find the people. THIRD CONSPIRATOR The people will remain uncertain whilst ’Twixt you there’s difference19: but the fall of either Makes the survivor heir of all. AUFIDIUS I know

Elijah Moshinsky’s television adaptation was one of the more abstract of the BBC Shakespeare series, setting much of the action in narrow streets and enclosed spaces. The homoerotic element between Coriolanus and Aufidius was given particular emphasis, with Coriolanus stripping down for their battle, and Moshinsky took full advantage of the television medium to present Coriolanus’ death as a private moment in which Coriolanus whispered “kill” to Aufidius, willing his own death. In 2011, Ralph

maternal power.” In the absence of a father, “the hero attempts to recreate himself through his bloody heroics, in fantasy severing the connection with his mother even as he enacts the ruthless masculinity that is her bidding”: Thrust prematurely from dependence on his mother, forced to feed himself on his own anger, Coriolanus refuses to acknowledge any neediness or dependency: for his entire sense of himself depends on his being able to see himself as a self-sufficient creature. The

it reflects the usage of his period. In particular, we have used the colon far more than many editors: it is exceptionally useful as a way of indicating how many Shakespearean speeches unfold clause by clause in a developing argument that gives the illusion of enacting the process of thinking in the moment. We have also kept in mind the origin of punctuation in classical times as a way of assisting the actor and orator: the comma suggests the briefest of pauses for breath, the colon a middling

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