Cosmopolitan [ZA] (June 2015)

Cosmopolitan [ZA] (June 2015)

Language: English

Pages: 164

ISBN: 2:00288025

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Cosmopolitan, South Africa Edition, June 2015

Color Your Style

Vanity Fair (June 2015)

Dress and Ideology: Fashioning Identity from Antiquity to the Present

Vanity Fair (June 2015)

The Ultimate Hairstyle Handbook: Everyday Hairstyles for the Everyday Girl













may help you out with a month’s prescription in the meantime. Even if you find yourself in the specialist’s office, it’s not that difficult to wangle a script, says De Swardt: because there are no tests to prove the presence (or absence) of ADHD, all you need to do is supply a convincing list of symptoms. What’s the problem? If the medication is so easy to come by, surely it’s not that dangerous? Besides, people have always looked for a way to ease stress, JUNE 2015 | COSMOPOLITAN 53

have voiced concerns that milk may not deserve its sterling reputation because people who drink milk aren’t always healthier than people who don’t. ‘The evidence and data for all milk’s benefits are not there,’ says Walter Willett, chair of the department of nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health. Worse, some new research (all of it preliminary, none of it definitive) suggests that drinking too much milk could pose health risks. Cow’s milk is full of hormones that help calves grow. One

requires zero upkeep once it’s in – and you won’t have to worry about risks from oestrogen because the hormone in Skyla and Mirena is a type of progestin. On the other hand, an IUD is not for you if you like the reassurance of a daily pill, you want to experience your period ‘naturally’ or you’re freaked out about harbouring a tiny foreign object. It might not be worth it if you think you want to get pregnant within the next six months, Dominguez says – and it does require at least one office

Heel-striking with feet out in front sends extra shock waves up legs, leading to shin splints and hip and knee pain. What to do Take shorter steps by quickening your cadence (how o en each foot touches down). COSMO COMPETITION PHOTOGRAPHY ISTOCKPHOTO.COM a spa day for two, once a month for a year, plus monthly hampers worth R550 each, courtesy of COSMO and Mangwanani African Spa Mangwanani is a premier South African spa, offering rare African-infused indulgence. Its healing treatments combine

GUY He’s in a pensive mood this month, thinking about the past and his future in a more intuitive, philosophical way. He relaxes and becomes more generous a er the 22nd. LEO 24 July – 23 August YOUR MONTH You should be having a funfilled time with friends. A er the 16th, you need to relax and keep the peace at home. Love? There could be confusion and misunderstandings. EMILY RATAJKOWSKI 7 JUNE Tweezerman Eyelash Curler (R249) YOU NEED a T-shirt dress that looks amazing and feels great. LEO

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