Country of Cold: Stories of Sex and Death

Country of Cold: Stories of Sex and Death

Kevin Patterson

Language: English

Pages: 272

ISBN: 0385506279

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A Vintage Tales Book.

Graduating from high school in a small Canadian town, you are immediately faced with two stark choices: leave or stay. Country of Cold follows the stories of a disparate group of Dunsmuir, Manitoba’s class of 1980, most of whom leave, imagining that life happens elsewhere. They flee to the freedom of the big cities of the world and the far corners of Canada, but many end up feeling rootless and alone, whether as a physician in an Arctic Inuit community, a temporary boyfriend in Paris, or a student in the McGill Ghetto. The characters attempt to unravel the impossible puzzles of adulthood -- searching for answers by hurtling over falls in a barrel, building a boat to escape a teen-daughter-gone-bad, or embarking on an unlikely affair with a two-bit wrestler.

Kevin Patterson won international accolades for his wonderfully observed and moving memoir, The Water in Between. This fiction debut confirms him as a major new literary talent.

From the Trade Paperback edition.

Le Soleil se lève au Nord

Gaby Bernier, Tome 2: 1927-1940

Ça sent la banane

La Fille du Pasteur Cullen (La Fille du Pasteur Cullen, Tome 1)




















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Lined up against one wall were chairs borrowed from the school for the elders. A dozen of the older men and women sat on these too-small hard-backed chairs, their sealskin kamiks shining in the electric light, bright skirts draped over blue jeans and bountiful laps. Louisa’s father, Simionie Ooluk, sat with his drum among the old people, smoking his pipe at the end of the row. Simionie Ooluk was one of the few elders whom Mary didn’t know. He was on no regular medications, and the only time she

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